Abstract:The idea of Organizational Knowledge Management (OKM) is becoming more popular with organizations. Although Knowledge Management and its work-associated outcomes have been examined in previous literature, only a small number of studies highlighted the role of Organizational Knowledge Management in fostering teacher innovation, in the context of primary school in Pahang state of Malaysia. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between organizational knowledge management and teachers� innovation work behaviour (TIWB) in school environment. This study utilized a quantitative approach survey method involving a total of 318 teachers in 30 primary schools (TS25) cohorts 1, 2, and 3 in the state of Pahang. The data has been analysed by descriptive and inferential using SPSS-Amos software. The observed data met the requirements of the fit indices (RMSEA=0.075, CFI=0.930, TLI=0.924, Chisq=2.78). The findings showed that significant effect of Organizational Knowledge Management practices on Teachers� Innovative Work Behaviour practices (?=.885, p<.01). As conclusion, the role of organizational knowledge management is crucial in practicing knowledge that relevant to the organization to support the implementation of innovative work behaviour of teachers in schools. Implications, the structural equation model that has been suggested shows that organizational knowledge management practices may affect Teachers� Innovative Work Behaviour in schools. This provides an indicator that courses, training, and educational leadership modules for teachers should be planned holistically to improve the quality as well as to transform the education system in Malaysia to achieve the goals of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025.

Title: Being or Not Being a Teacher with a Disability in Turkey: Problems and Proposed Solutions

Abstract:This article examines the problems faced by teachers with disabilities in their professional lives, and the solutions they have proposed for these problems. Equality, social inclusion, and social justice theories were used to provide the conceptual framework and theoretical basis for this research. The study group consisted of 9 teachers with physical, chronic, and visual disabilities. The data, collected through semi-structured interviews developed by the researchers, were analyzed using descriptive analysis techniques. According to the results of this study, one of the most important problems faced by teachers with disabilities is the physical condition of schools. Additionally, arrangements should be made to enable teachers with disabilities to use technological equipment efficiently in the classroom. Teachers with disabilities state that many problems they experience stem from legal deficiencies. To ensure that teachers with disabilities work under more convenient conditions and obtain their legal rights, it is recommended that a regulation be made by adding the title of “teachers with disabilities” to the current professional law.

Title: Development of techno-economic model for rooftop of solar PV in the LINE city of Saudi Arabia

Abstract:A modernized and smart futuristic city of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia named as �the LINE� city will be constructed in the epic mountains of Tabuk region on the land called NEOM stretching to Red Sea. The city will be mirrored architectural masterpiece with an area of 500 x 200 m2 and will operate entirely on renewable energy majorly solar energy. The planned rooftop of the LINE city will be covered with solar PV panels. Therefore, in this research, a complete investigation of solar PV installation on the roof top was conducted by selecting three main regions of LINE city. Because, the weather conditions are the main dominant factors on efficacy of the solar energy. The research starts with most up-to-date report on LINE city with all associated literature studies and the futuristic vision of KSA(Vision 2030). In the next phase, rooftop of LINE city has been designed to cover with all solar PV panels. The observation was determined by considering the both ends and a middle area of the city. Both theoretical and computational analysis were performed in terms of performance ratio, conversion efficiency, leveled cost of electricity and energy production. The comparative analysis of each case with other case studies were performed to finalized the most optimized solar PV installation region in the LINE city. Analysis of all components of solar PV systems, including arrays, inverters, connections, and storage, to determine the optimal system for meeting demand and assuring sustainability.The research helps to demonstrate the viability of Solar PV installation on specific location of the city. The main objective of the research is to identify the location point where the rooftop panels have the maximum energy production which helps to make the installation and other necessities on this particular location.

Title: Attachment Styles of Preschool Children to Their Parents: Attachment Styles of Married and Single Mothers to Their Own Parents

Abstract:The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between the attachment styles of 3- to 6-year-old children to their married or single mothers and the attachment styles of these children\'s mothers to their own parents. The study was conducted through a relational screening model, which is a quantitative research method. The population of the study consisted of a total of 80 children all attending public kindergartens in Ankara and their mothers, 40 of whom were married and 40 of whom were single. The data were analyzed through descriptive, correlative, and comparative tests conducted via SPSS. According to the results of the study, 48% of the children of married mothers had a secure attachment style and 52% of them had an insecure attachment style, while 70% of the children of single mothers had a secure attachment style and 30% of them had an insecure attachment style. There was a significant correlation between the marital status of the mother and the attachment styles of the children. A moderately significant negative relationship was found between the secure attachment of married mothers and their own mother\'s care/control. On the other hand, a moderately significant positive relationship was found between the secure attachment of single mothers and their own mother\'s care/control.

Title: Templenomics, the future of vibrant bharat (INDIA)

Abstract:Templenomics presents a visionary approach to shaping the future economic landscape of Bharat (India) by leveraging its rich cultural heritage, technological advancements, and demographic dividend. This research delves into the core principles and strategies of Templenomics, aiming to elucidate its potential as a transformative framework for sustainable development and prosperity. The purpose of this research is to explore the Temple ecosystem through an interdisciplinary analysis encompassing economics, culture, technology, and governance, this study explores how Templenomics can drive inclusive growth, foster innovation, and preserve cultural identity. It examines the role of traditional Indian temples as centers of community, education, and economic activity, proposing ways to harness their potential for socio-economic empowerment. Additionally, this research investigates the integration of modern technologies such as blockchain, AI, and renewable energy within the Templenomics framework to enhance efficiency, transparency, and environmental sustainability. The research uses mixed methodology to explore the conceptual model and hypotheses testing. By synthesizing insights from historical precedents, contemporary case studies, and expert perspectives, this study offers a comprehensive understanding of Templenomics as a catalyst for building a vibrant and resilient Bharat. The findings of this research contribute to the research area exploring the sustainability, economic and social benefits accrued from the temple townships in the earlier years and in the current to the future development of Bharat as a superpower.


Abstract:In the dynamic landscape of modern education, the confluence of leadership, technology, and innovative pedagogies defines the trajectory of school transformation. Leadership plays a critical role in curriculum change and innovation, guiding educational institutions through transformative processes. This study aims to explore the roles of digital leaders in change management in two primary schools, focusing on ICT integration. This study used a qualitative research method via a one-to-one semi-structured online interview. The researcher purposefully chose two academic leaders who carry out ICT integration initiatives in the primary schools in Perak and Selangor to take part in this study with the aid of some predetermined criteria for respondent selection. The qualitative data were analysed using thematic analysis. The findings showed that Kurt Lewin\'s Change Model was useful and supported their ICT integration initiatives well in the academic context of the post-pandemic era. In addition, four themes of change processes of both school leaders were (1) creating sense of urgency; (2) communicating constantly; (3) empowering teachers in change plan; and, (4) fostering a culture of continuous improvement to solidify transformation. Building upon the findings of this study, several potential future research directions can be suggested. Firstly, a longitudinal study could be conducted to observe the long-term effects of ICT integration and leadership styles on educational outcomes, student engagement, and teacher professional development and to explore the perspectives and experiences of teachers and students about ICT integration.

Title: Efficacy of Multimedia-Enhanced Teaching in Film, Television, and Photography Skill Courses: A Case Study of University Students in Shanxi Province

Abstract:This research paper investigates the effectiveness of multimedia-enhanced teaching methods in improving the acceptance and proficiency of film, television, and photography skill courses among university students in Shanxi Province. In this case study, a specific focus was placed on analysing the integration of multimedia elements such as interactive videos, virtual simulations, and online platforms into the traditional curriculum. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative research methods, including surveys, interviews, and pre-post assessments, to gather comprehensive data on student experiences and learning outcomes. The research aimed to identify the strengths and limitations of multimedia-enhanced teaching in the context of creative arts education and to provide insights into optimizing these methods for more effective skill acquisition among students in Shanxi Province. Multimedia mode of learning was found to be beneficial for a wide range of subjects and skills. Therefore, educational institutions must employ technology that improves student-teacher connections and significantly alters how students learn, communicate, produce, and collaborate on their academic endeavours.

Title: Optimizing Equilibration Protocols through Ubiquinone Supplementation in Goat Frozen Semen Diluent

Abstract:Equilibration period is urgently required for sperm�s adjustment to the diluent preventing severe damage during cryopreservation. The elevation of lipid peroxidation during equilibration, indicating a potential involvement of oxidative stress, emphasizes the significance of optimizing equilibration protocols to minimize the detrimental effects of free radical production on sperm quality. The aim of this study is to identify the supplementation effect of adding ubiquinone into semen diluent on membrane integrity, motility, and survivability of goat spermatozoa following an hour of equilibration. The ubiquinone supplementation was combined under the circumstances as follows: The groups with the following supplementation doses: Group 2 (B) received a dose of 5 mg/dL; Group 3 (C) received a dose of 10 mg/dL; Group 4 (D) received a dose of 15 mg/dL; Group 5 (E) received a dose of 20 mg/dL; and Group 6 (F) received a dose of 25 mg/dL. Group A was the negative control group. Following a one-way ANOVA examination of the research data, additional Duncan tests were performed. The results of the study showed that the addition of ubiquinone had a significant (p<0,05) effect on the percentage of motility, viability, and membrane integrity of Kacang goat spermatozoa after an hour equilibration. According to the statistical analysis, the ideal concentration of ubiquinone in egg yolk skim milk for sustaining motility is 12,5 mg/dL. The best number for preserving the viability and membrane integrity of Kacang goat spermatozoa following equilibration, on the other hand, is 25 mg/dL. In conclusion, when ubiquinone is added to the frozen semen diluent, the quality of Kacang goat spermatozoa remains stable after equilibration.

Title: The Influence Of The Project Based Learning Model In Increasing Independent Learning And Critical Thinking Ability Of Students In Class V At Jembrana

Abstract:Soft skills of independent learning and critical thinking are necessary in the 21st century. Independent learning trains students to have a responsible attitude when performing assigned tasks by using ideas, the innovation and creativity that students have to complete assigned tasks and hopefully it will continue to be integrated into adulthood. At the same time, critical thinking skills are needed to analyze existing knowledge and resources to solve problems that students encounter in daily life. The project-based learning (PBL) model supports students to actively participate in learning activities and project creation processes, so that learning materials become easier to understand and skills can be developed. skills such as independent learning and critical thinking. Analyze the impact of the PBL model on independent learning skills. Quantitative method with MANOVA (Multivariate Analysis of Variance) analysis was used in this study. This study uses a control class of 19 students and an experimental class of 10 students. The results show that applying the PBL model has a significant impact on critical thinking skills and learning independence, as evidenced by the significance level of 0.000 < 0.05 and 0.011 < 0.05. The learning process by giving projects to fifth grade elementary students provides an opportunity to develop basic concepts of the material available to them. During the project implementation process, many problems will certainly arise that encourage students to think critically when solving problems. Independent learning occurs before analysis, where students must gather multiple references to find and support their hypotheses to come up with more effective and efficient solutions.


Abstract:ABSTRACT \n\nThis study was conducted to explore the element of valuing diversity among headteachers that create good organizational collectivist culture in Internal Control System (ICS) of schools’ financial management. This element of valuing diversity is based on one of the attributes of steward leadership practice framework developed by April, Kukard and Peters in 2013. In accordance with Treasury Instructions 308, there are four aspects of internal control involved in this study, which is management control, receipt control, expenditure control and asset and store control. This study is a multiple case study involving seven participants, namely seven headteachers in seven public elementary schools who received excellent financial audit status from Malaysian Ministry of Education for three years consecutively. This study uses interview as a main data collection method and had been analyzed using Nvivo12. The findings show that the headteachers providing opportunities, encouraging different views, encouraging collaboration, discussing employee performance, creating role models, and signaling through action to inculcate the value diversity to implement ICS in school’s financial management. Researchers suggest that a steward leadership module need to be widely used as a guideline for school leaders to create an effective financial governance. In addition, the researchers suggest that the further research need to be conducted in Responsibility Centre (PTj) schools to gain a clearer interpretation and perspectives as financial allocation is fully managed by their own headteachers in school finance committee.