Title: Comparative research study about Creative Characteristics among Korea, France and the United States

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in creative home environment, parenting style, self-efficacy, creative personality, and creative achievement in Korea, France and the United States. The data collection period was from March 2020 to May 2020, with 455 Korean, 803 French, and 225 American adults. This study validated the measurement tool for creative characteristics through data collected in Korea, France and the United States, calculated the correlation of measurement tool, and analyzed the difference of creative characteristics of three countries. The results of this study were valid and the reliability was .937. The model fit of the measurement tool was appropriate, and the correlation of each factor showed a significant correlation except for parent-rearing and self-efficacy. Also, the result of comparing the creative characteristics of Korea, France and the United States showed a significant difference. In the creative home environment, France recognized it as more creative environment than Korea, and in the parent-rearing, France recognized it as a stricter parent-rearing style than the United States and Korea. And the self-efficacy, creative personality, and creative personality were higher in France than in Korea, and the United States is higher than in France. This study was able to understand the characteristics of each country through cultural comparison, and the results of this study will be used as necessary data for academic, cultural and social exchanges in the global era.


Abstract:In vitro maturation in the livestock sector is a technology that aims to increase the development of livestock businesses throughout the world. FSH and EGF receptors have an important role in reproduction, especially in the follicular process, where rFSH carries tissue targets so that it can function for oogenesis and EGF facilitates oocyte maturation, which can increase the ability of embryos to develop with good quality. The purpose of this research was to prove that giving ALA supplementation in the maturation medium can have effects on rFSH and EGF. This research was an experimental study using a completely randomized design consisting of three treatment groups, namely the control group (K), ALA supplementation at 25 µM/L (P1), and ALA supplementation at 50 µM/L (P2). After the maturation process for 22 hours, fixation was continued and identification was carried out using immunocytochemical staining and the addition of rFSH and EGF antibodies, followed by expression calculations using the immunoreactive score of Remmele and Stenger (IRS). Reseptor FSH and EGF expression data were statistically tested with a significance level of p<0.05. Immunocytochemistry showed that the rFSH expression values (0.42 ± 0.53a, 0.57 ± 0.78a, and 1.71 ± 1.11b) in groups K and P1 did not show significant differences from P2. EGF expression values (1.00 ± 1.29c, 1.57 ± 1.27c, and 3.28 ± 2.81c) did not show significant differences between groups K, P1 and P2 (p>0.05). The results of this study indicate that ALA supplementation in the maturation media at a dose of 50 µM/L can increase the expression of rFSH and EGF in goat oocytes matured in vitro.

Title: Assessing the Quality of Electronic Indonesian Identity Card (E-KTP) Services in Semarang City: A Community Satisfaction Survey Approach

Abstract:This study uses the Community Satisfaction Survey (SKM) technique to assess the effectiveness of Electronic Indonesian Identity Card (E-KTP) services in the city of Semarang in 2023. 325 service users who had varied origins in terms of gender, age, and educational attainment participated in this study. The bulk of responders have completed their secondary education and range in age from 26 to 35. Both primary and secondary data were employed in the research process for this study. According to indicators of requirements, processes, service times, fees/tariffs, and product service standards, guidelines for completing a Community Satisfaction Survey (SKM) on the quality of public service delivery are provided. The study\'s findings demonstrate that the general people can readily fulfill and comprehend the requirements and steps necessary to receive an E-KTP. The majority of respondents were satisfied with how quickly the E-KTP service processed their requests. Although the service unit already has information on service delivery timeframes, there is definitely space for improvement in terms of public information and communication. For the community, it is crucial to have transparency regarding fees or service rates, and the majority of respondents are satisfied that the Civil Registration and Administration Service does not charge for its services. The majority of respondents are aware that product specifications are offered for each service, and it is thought that there is good compliance between the service products supplied and the service requirements. The quality of service items must be maintained and improved on a regular basis, nevertheless.

Title: Faith-Inspired Interrelational Citizenship: a Key Driver for Cultivating Peace in The Indonesian Socio-Political Landscapes

Abstract:This study analyzed the influence of awareness of humanitarian mission vocations, meaningful living, prosocial engagement, and spiritual engagement on faith-inspired inter-relational citizenship and local and religious values. The findings showed the positive and significant impact of these aspects in shaping values and deep relational relationships. The integration of religious values in education was recognized as a means to increase global awareness, empathy, and intercultural cooperation. However, the potential for exclusivity and value conflicts was also recognized. Future research recommendations engaged broader stakeholders and measured the real impact on student behavior. Weaknesses of this study included limitations in participants and the generalizability of findings. Overcoming these limitations could enrich our understanding of the role of integrating religious values in shaping responsible and competitive global citizens.

Title: Genotyping, antibiotic resistance and virulence factors pattern of uropathogenic E.coli strains isolated from urinary tract infections in dogs

Abstract:Escherichia coli is one of the most common causes of urinary tract infections in humans and animals. The aim of this study was to determine the pattern of antibiotic resistance and virulence factors in uropathogenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from urinary tract infections in dogs during one year. From 130 urine samples taken from male and female dogs, 72 Escherichia coli isolates were isolated by microbial and molecular culture methods. With the exception of the fim and pap gene, which had a 100% prevalence, the most common gene involved in virulence in isolated strains was the kspMT gene, with frequency of 63.88%. In the studied isolates, resistance to penicillin and tetracycline antibiotics with 100% frequency was the highest and resistance to chloramphenicol and nitrofurantoin antibiotics with a prevalence of 15.27 and 13.88% was the lowest antibiotic resistance. Overall, the results of this study showed that uropathogenic Escherichia coli strains with most virulence factors are involved in urinary tract infections and different serogroups of this group are effective in causing these infections and are necessary in epidemiological studies in each region

Title: Effectiveness Papaya Leaf Extract (Carica papaya L.) as Infertility Alterations in Endometrial Thickness and Er-? Expression in Uterus Albino Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Abstract:Antifertility chemicals are substances that hinder fertility by disrupting the normal reproductive processes in both female and male animals. This study aimed to create an infertile animal model administered oral doses of papaya leaf extract (Carica papaya L.) and examine expression of estrogen receptors-β of thickness endometrial in female rats (Rattus norvegicus). This study use three experimental groups divided : negative control (C), P1 which administered extract at 630mg/200gBW, P2 administered extract at 945 mg/200 gBW. The endometrial thickness evaluation involved measuring endometrial thickness using HE staining and assessing expression of estrogen receptors-β using IHC. The acquired data undergo ANOVA analysis at 95% confidence level (P<0.05), continued using Tukey test. The study\'s findings indicated a disparity between treatment (P2) and control group (C). P2 showed significant reduction in endometrial of 25.8%, exhibited the largest decrease in estrogen receptor expression IHC reduction of 36.8%. The study concludes that administering papaya leaf extract at a dosage of 945 mg/200gBW effectively decreases endometrial thickness and suppresses estrogen receptor expression then make it as potential antifertility agent.

Title: The Role of the Learner in Task-Based Language Teaching. Lambert, C., Aubrey, S., & Bui, G. (Eds.) (2023). New York, Routledge, 238 pages, ISBN: 978-1-032-13016-3.


Title: Collaborative Synergy: Leveraging Competitive Advantage In University-Industry Innovation

Abstract:Collaboration between universities and industry is a strategic collaboration that aims to connect the world of education with the world of industry, creating concussion benefits for both. Universities improve curriculum relevance, prepare work-ready graduates, and pursue innovation. Industry can access young talent, face challenges with new thinking, and contribute to the development of science and technology. Through this collaboration, lecturers and students are involved in research and industrial work practices, develop professional skills, and get direct feedback. This collaboration also enhances the transfer of knowledge and technology, with universities disseminating knowledge through research to industry and industry applying it to business innovation. Despite the challenges of different interests, cultures, and timelines, the benefits of collaboration can positively impact both parties and society to increase innovation and competitive advantage.

Title: Assessing the Quality of Learning Materials in a Learning Management System (LMS): Its Impact on Learning Outcomes

Abstract:This research investigates the influence of project team interaction, guidance, feedback, and material quality within the Learning Management System (LMS) on the development of critical thinking skills and the ability to engage in lifelong learning. Partial least squares analysis was employed to test hypotheses using data from participants in the Catholic Religious Teacher Professional Education program at the Educational Institution for Education Personnel Santo Yakobus Merauke-South Papua through simple random sampling. The research results indicate that project team interaction, guidance, feedback, and material quality within the Learning Management System (LMS) significantly and positively contribute to developing critical thinking skills and lifelong self-directed learning. The managerial implications of this study underscore the importance of creating high-quality learning materials in the LMS and providing practical guidance and feedback to students to support the development of both skills. The theoretical implications of this research strengthen the understanding of the relationship between project team interaction, guidance, feedback, material quality in the LMS, critical thinking skills, and self-directed learning. Theories in education and psychology can be utilized as a foundation for designing more effective interventions to enhance both skills.

Title: Evaluation of thermal comfort in University Classrooms of Pakistan

Abstract:In the present research work, the thermal comfort of an educational building in a semi-arid climate of Lahore, Pakistan has been analyzed based on the PMV-PPD method using a subjective scale in terms of acceptability, neutrality, and preference, considering the impact of gender. Firstly, this study examine how the temperature affects occupants' (male and female) comfort levels in current university classrooms during the winter and summer. Secondly, how occupant behavior affects thermal comfort, productivity, and health well-being to determine how future buildings should be designed to accommodate gender preferences. Thirdly, the study recommends retrofitting approaches for building systems that satisfies inhabitants' thermal requirements, to meet economical and energy efficiency needs. This study revealed that females were more affected by winter conditions while males were more affected by higher temperatures in summers which is the longest season of the year. In both seasons, males found a frequent impact of thermal comfort, due to which more productivity loss was observed in them in comparison to females. In winter, females were more affected form SBS, and in summer, males showed more symptoms of getting affected by SBS. The overall percentage saving in energy consumption was found 27 % for considered Building compared with retrofitted simulated model of building systems. It is suggested that a well-insulated indoor thermal environment is the need of the hour for classrooms in university buildings to improve the thermal comfort conditions, productivity and health conditions of the occupants for both seasons.