Abstract:The relevance of the study is dictated by the high frequency and prevalence of female infertility and the development of fetal pathologies that can be embedded in the very nature of the germ cells or occur during their development. The revealed histological features of the ovarian structure strongly indicate the puberty of experimental animals, which is confirmed by our studies on the rhythm of the alternation of the estral cycle and the total duration of its cycles. The data obtained will contribute to the medical embryology and will contribute to the research of approaches and methods of antenatal and postnatal protection of the fetus.

Title: Cryopreservation of Fertility Specimens: The Intersection of Occupational Safety and Ethical Considerations

Abstract:BACKGROUND: With the increasing demands in medicine and scientific research, it is imperative to maintain the integrity of laboratory test samples. One of the most valued strategies in preserving tissues and organs prior to their use in research is cryopreservation. Although these methods are found to be crucial and contributing a lot to the modern-day medicine and scientific research, the concerns on the safety and ethical considering are raising a concern. AIM: In this review, we discuss some of the challenges regarding cryopreservation that require a rational ethical and safety approaches. The paper discussed some of the breakthroughs in cryopreservation, safety and ethical concerns with various cryopreservation techniques. Future Prospects: It is clear that in order to meet the demands and sustain cryopreservation, safety and ethics need to be checked. In addition, there is a need for adequate training of staff working directly with biologic specimens. There is a need for standard screening of blood borne pathogens, advanced packaging strategy appropriate for immersion in liquid nitrogen and optimal risk reduction measures when transporting or storing specimens. Cryopreservation should center on risk management of cryofacilities and service. When these are enhanced, the tendency of violating occupational health and safety will be low. Furthermore, when the ethical issues are in line with societal perception, establishment of cryopreservation will attract business men and hence competition to add quality service delivery.


Abstract:This study aims to identify the effect of robot-utilized instruction on the improvement of creative convergence core competencies and career preparation behaviour of middle school students. \nThe experiments lasted eight weeks (16 sessions), and 40 middle school students participated in the study. The participants were randomly assigned to two groups: an experimental group (20 students) and a control group (20 students). The experimental group students participated in robot-utilized instruction, whereas the students of the control group participated general theory-oriented class on similar topics. Pre-and post-tests were conducted to measure creative-convergence core competencies (Soomi Lee, 2020), and career preparation behaviour (Bong Hwan Kim, 1997). Statistical analysis was conducted using the SPSS 21.0 program. The results of this study confirmed that robot-utilized instruction effectively improved the creative convergence core competencies and career preparation behavior of middle school students. These results suggest that it is a viable alternative to fostering creative convergence talents to prepare students for an unpredictable future characterized by hyperconnectivity and super-intelligence.


Abstract:The article emerges and oriented to the students\' perception of the creation of a company and the application of practical theoretical knowledge seen during the race. The usual problems in the educational stages are related to the competence of the professionals in the face of the diverse labor situations in the 21st century. Innovation in methodologies applied to teach is the priority tool. The study was conducted with a significant sample of 138 university students from semester 1 to 10 in the Economic and Administrative Sciences Program, in addition to Engineering. The results of the descriptive and empirical study, show the behavior of solution variables by the students and the teachers that was used during the study. The research itself encourages teamwork with active methodologies where the continued participation of teachers and university students in the classrooms broadens knowledge for its subsequent application. The study, based on the sample obtained, highlights that there are many factors that inhibit the full development of an integral education that influences the student so that he/she can successfully complete his/her university education, having a practical approach to learning during training, for which, there are many causal components that inhibit such development.

Title: Assessment share of women in the number of higher education institutions teachers: Russian regions data

Abstract:The purpose of our research was to evaluate the indicators characterizing the gender structure of scientific and pedagogical personnel in higher education institutions in the regions of Russia. These indicators were the share of women faculty in the total number of teachers of higher education institutions in 2017-2020. We used official statistical information for 82 regions of Russia. We used the density functions of the normal distribution as models. The results of the computational experiment showed that the share of female faculty in the number of scientific and pedagogical staff was in the range from 60% to 62%. That is, there was a feminization of higher education. In all regions of Russia, except one, the number of women faculty exceeded the number of men faculty. Thus, there is a gender gap in favor of women. The proposed methodological approach and the results obtained have a scientific novelty, since the assessment of the territorial features of the gender structure of teachers in higher education institutions has not been carried out before in Russian regions.

Title: Parameters and functionality of hybrid neural network for the organization of student�s research activities

Abstract:Hybrid neural networks are an effective tool for solving complex, multicomponent, multifunctional tasks with elements of fuzzy modeling. The current task of the society to develop for creative and critical thinking individuals is dictated the need for the management and development of project and research activities of students. In this regard, it is relevant to build a hybrid intelligent system for supporting of student’s research activities and personal achievements with the support of expert systems. The assessment quality and using the dynamic level random sampling of content, tools and instructions for search, creative activity and reflection on the layers of an artificial neural network are observed. The purpose of this study is to determine the methodology, architecture, parameters and functionality of project’s organization and management and research activities of students in support context by using a hybrid intellectual system in rich information and educational environment.\nThe methodology of intelligent systems introducing into project’s organization and student’s research activities are based on personal-activity and synergetic approaches, the concept of founding the person’s experience in the conditions of uncertainty, actualization of the phenomenon of complex knowledge in solving of poorly structured tasks and the visibility of mathematical and computer modeling symbiosis in the study of multi-stage mathematical and information tasks.\nResults. The requirements and model of the organization and construction of an artificial neural network for design supporting and research activities and the growth of student’s scientific potential based on the expert systems (architecture, parameters, functionality, databases and knowledge, interpreter), including selection criteria, hierarchy and content of generalized constructs of complex knowledge (modern achievements in science) are developed with a random selection on the layers of the neural network.\nSocial significance. The construction of individual educational trajectories of student\'s design and research activities development based on the implementation of hybrid intellectual support environment will allow the developing the student\'s personal potential (creativity, criticality, self-organization, academic success), increasing the educational motivation and the adapting of modern achievements in science to school mathematics, create conditions for the modernization of educational programs in digital environment developing.

Title: Exploring the Factors Affecting International Graduate Students’ Use of Writing Centers Based on Their Experiences

Abstract:This study aimed to investigate international students� perception and perspectives about a writing center to understand more about the efficacy of writing centers. The participants were graduate students who studied at a public university in the U.S., and they all had had some bad experiences in the writing center. The data in the present research were collected from two sources: five interviews and two observations. After analyzing the collected data, the researcher found out that grammar correction was the first priority that the international students expected the tutors in the writing center to do for them. It was also one of the main factors that affected the international students� future use of the center. The researcher also found that the interviewees were not satisfied with the qualification of the tutors in the writing center. Many of them thought that most of the consultants were undergraduate students and they did not know anything about their (interviewees�) fields. Furthermore, the participants complained that the consulting time was insufficient and the tutor�s attitude was bad while they were asked to read their assignment out loud. These points can serve as the key to improving the service quality and sustainability of writing centers.

Title: The Financial Education Effect in the Decision-Making Process of Personal Finance in the light of Behavioral Finance

Abstract:Behavioral finance asserts that individuals have limited analytical skills and many investment decisions are not rational, but are based on cognitive biases. This paper aims to verify if finance studies can change the cognitive biases of the financial decisions. From the seminal paper by Kanheman and Tversky (1979) the undergraduate students of a university were interviewed and divided into groups according to the number of finance courses studied. A group that attended up to four courses and another group that attended more than four courses up to the maximum of eight. This study contributes to the understanding of finance both in theory, analyzing the decisions based on the study of finance, as well as in the methodological aspect, by research carried out in the classroom using a software, with a limited time for the answers. The results show that some biases changed and others remained unchanged regardless of the number of finance courses studied.

Title: Parkinson disease-induced myostatin overexpression and nuclear factor kappa B activation are attenuated following exercise training

Abstract:Muscle atrophy has been reported in Parkinson disease (PD) skeletal muscles. Myostatin has been implicated in muscle atrophy. Exercise has been shown to reduce myostatin overexpression. However, the expression of myostatin has never been investigated in PD skeletal muscle. Therefore, the aim of this study is to illustrate the influence of PD induction and exercise training on myostatin expression in gastrocnemius skeletal muscle. Accordingly, thirty normal albino mice were randomly selected and subsequently separated into three equal groups, which are sedentary control (Cr), Sedentary PD (SPD) and exercised PD (EPD) groups. 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine and probenecid (MPTP/p) were used to induce chronic parkinsonism in SPD and EPD mice. Immunohistochemistry was used to investigate the expression of myostatin and nucleal localization of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) in gastrocnemius muscles of the three animal groups. \nMyostatin expression and NF-κB nuclear localization, indicative of its activation, were significantly (p value< 0.01) higher in gastrocnemius skeletal muscle in SPD mice compared with those in the control mice and with those in the EPD mice. Concomitantly, the average cross-sectional area of gastrocnemius muscle fibers was significantly smaller (p<0.01), indicating muscle atrophy, in SPD group relative to those in the control and EPD groups.\nThe present data are indicative of the correlation of PD induction with myostatin overexpression and NF-κB activation in gastrocnemius muscle, potentially promoting the muscle atrophy, indicated by significantly reduced muscle fiber cross sectional areas, commonly seen in PD. Additionally, our study suggests that myostatin and NF-κB might be regarded as potential therapeutic targets to ameliorate PD skeletal muscle abnormalities.

Title: The Parliament of the European Union as a pattern for the formation of the Parliament of the Eurasian Union

Abstract:The article examines the features of the establishment of a legislative body at the supranational level. The authors note the positive experience of the implementation of representative functions of the European Union Parliament. The European experience in the establishment of supranational bodies, their competence, decision-making procedures and the formation of the law of interstate association, the responsibility of member states and economic entities were taken into account when building the Eurasian Economic Union. However, at the supra-national level, a body that could perform representative functions may be absent. In this regard the authors analyze the reasons for refusing a parliamentary institution within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.