Title: Soret and Dufour effects in entropy optimized mixed convective flow of Carreau-Yasuda fluid: A numerical study

Abstract:This research communication reports a computational study of mixed convection towards a stretched surface with a Carreau-Yasuda model (non-Newtonian fluid). A Carreau-Yasuda model, acceptable for numerous non-Newtonian models, is utilized to illustrate the behavior of both shear thinking and thinning liquids. The energy and concentration equations are developed using the concept of law of conservations of energy and mass in the presence of thermal radiation, Soret and Dufour effects, viscous dissipation and activation energy. Total entropy rate depends on four different types of irreversibilities, i.e., thermal, Joule heating, fluid friction, mass and calculated through second law of thermodynamics. Convective boundary conditions is imposed at the boundary for both heat and mass transport. The governing equations are transformed into ordinary ones via appropriate similarity transformations and numerical results are obtained through Built-in-Shooting method. The pertinent flow parameters for the problem are mixed convection parameter, Soret and Dufour parameters and activation parameter. The impact to the constitutive non-Newtonian fluid (Carreau-Yasuda model) on the velocity, temperature, concentration, entropy generation rate, skin friction and heat transfer rate is discussed in detail. The obtained results are compared with previous published research articles and good agreement is found. The results reveal that temperature increases against higher values of Dufour parameters.

Title: Effects of Mentoring Program on Reality Shock, Job-Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention of New Nurses in Korea

Abstract:This study aims to acknowledge the functionality of Mentoring Program as a strategy for keeping new nurses from quitting jobs. The range of new nurses who are being studied is limited to 112 people who have clinical experience less than 24 months, with participating in Mentoring Program 12 months before being employed. IBM SPSS Statistics 23.0 Program was used to analyze collected materials. The differences between Present Shock, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention were investigated by independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, and by Scheffe’ test according to each nurse\'s characteristic. The relationship between each nurse\'s Present Shock, Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intention, and Mentoring Program experience was reviewed by Pearson correlation. The Mentoring Program’s mediating effect on Present Shock, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention was examined by Baron and Kenny\'s 3rd Step Method for Mediation, utilizing multiple regression analysis. As a result, it is proved that the Mentoring Program experienced by new nurses provided a significant effect not only on Turnover Intention but also on reducing both Present Shock and Job Satisfaction.

Title: Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Factors for E-government Implementation

Abstract:Electronic governments are currently getting recognized as an authentic strategically tool in delivering services of E-government. Considering the of information system (IS) development as well as the expanding recognition of the internet-based applications, E-government has always been a significance aspect in delivering governmental and public services, besides helping citizens to access information more easily. This research has adopted technology acceptance model (TAM) with perceived privacy, perceived enjoyment, and perceived risk. All factors were implemented to discover the status of the TAM then investigate attitudes towards use E- government and actual use E-government. Consequently, the major aim of this research is to create a model to investigate TAM model along with perceived privacy, perceived enjoyment, and perceived risk that influence attitudes towards use E-government and actual use E- government. In order to accomplish this research objective, a survey has been applied as the major data gathering approach; the survey has been distributed among 342 consumers that are using E-government service consistently. Moreover, all research findings were attained through a quantitative method using the Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). Findings of this research revealed that the constructs fundamental of the TAM model are strongly influencing attitudes towards use E-government and actual use E-government; correspondingly, Moreover, the fundamental constructs perceived privacy, perceived security, and perceived risk appear to have a strong impact on attitudes towards use E-government and actual use E-government.


Abstract:The chosen paper mainly investigates the efficient usage of social media marketing of SMEs in Azerbaijan by scrutinizing its impact upon SMEs in recent times. In the study, annual dispatches from the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan, reports of local research centers, data from the Small and Medium Business Development Agency, domestic articles, media materials, as well as scientific research and empirical approaches of foreign scholars were used. Results confirmed that there is still a lack of information among SMEs in Azerbaijan concerning the successful use of social media marketing. Although SMEs have widespread access to social media in the country, they do not have high financial resources and enough SM experience, which are not able to achieve desired results by using social media marketing. The study depicts that SMEs in Azerbaijan need to closely monitor market developments and consumer trends, and update themselves accordingly before using the SMM effectively. It also helps the government to provide SMEs with training and online mentorship on social media marketing to ensure the effective use of it in the country. The contribution of the paper is to scrutinize and to define SMEs\' view of marketing through social media use. The study also examined the activities of SMEs in Azerbaijan, their usage of social media marketing, and its impact on their marketing activities. It also contributes to the domestic literature, as there are restricted studies in domestic literature such as monographs, academic books, and other sources.


Abstract:The chosen article aims to investigate the history of silkworm development, the centers of silk production in Azerbaijan, and its occupied historical lands, the pace of development of silkworm breeding in the surrounding areas to study the material and spiritual culture of Azerbaijan. Simultaneously, the article does identify the design of the Kelaghayi, as an integral part of the Azerbaijani national women\'s clothing (scarf), considered one of the most valuable assortments of silk products, its classification by regions, the state of modern artistic composition and its application to contemporary clothing. To determine the specific characters of the regions, several sources of literature reflecting the ethnographic, historical, and artistic nature of folk art were analyzed. The variety of colors and ornaments of the figurative design of kelaghayis and their manufacturing technology in Ganja, Sheki, Basgal regions were scrutinized in the article.

Title: Foreign Ownership and its Effects on Earnings Response Coefficient (ERC). (Evidence from Pakistan)

Abstract:This research shows whether foreign ownership affects the earning response coefficient(ERC) while controlling the establishment determinants of ERC (beta, size, growth, andearning persistence). The study selected 250 non-financial firms of different sectorsbased on purposive sampling technique which are enlisted in Pakistan stock exchange(PSX) for the periods of eight years ranging from 2008 to 2015. Using reverseregression, the result indicated that Beta is negatively related to the ERC while firmgrowth, firm size, and earnings persistence are positively related to the ERC. The resultalso suggested that foreign ownership has a negative and insignificant association withearning response coefficient (ERC), which means that foreign ownership may unlikely topositively affect the ERC of the companies in the emerging economy of Pakistan. Theimportance of the study is that it highlights the different dimensions of ERC which maybe useful for investors before making any investment decisions. In this view, this studymay also have enhanced contribution in the literature because its results pertain to anemerging economy of Pakistan.


Abstract:The study aims to identify the issues of a quantitative assessment of the dependencies between indicators in the residential buildings of the construction sector in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main objective of the research is to build econometric models of the impact of household income, investment in fixed assets, and the number of marriages in the country on residential buildings being commissioned. The paper also analyzes the economic characteristics of the construction sector in the country and does point out that this sector is a complex economic and cybernetic system, where all operations by nature are random. The time series of indicators of the construction sector, which were tested for stationarity based on the �Dickey-Fuller� test, serving as the core information part of the chosen study. As a result of regression analysis, based on these time series, dual regression equations have been constructed that model the correlation dependence of housing being put into the operation on regressors. In the light of economic research, an initial multiple regression model of the construction sector was set up and its static characteristics were tested. Checking the multicollinearity of this model using the VIF matrix construction method clearly showed that the X2 regressor (investment in fixed assets) violates the model specification, therefore, it should be excluded from the regressors. Repeated econometric modeling without the X2 regressor made it possible to construct a new version of the regression equation, which in the course of model experiments was improved to a model meeting all the Gauss-Markov conditions, which is not only adequate to the real conditions of the housing and labor markets but also is suitable for forecasting. In the selected article, based on this econometric model, the prognostication of demand in the housing market until 2020 is carried out.

Title: Supply Chain Assessment of the Product Innovation and Organizational Learning on The Performance of Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises of Batik in Central Java, Indonesia

Abstract:The micro, small, and medium business (SMEs) actors of batik in Indonesia are currently facing many obstacles, especially in their effort to enhance their business performance. In order to enhance their performance, the business actors are demanded to develop a more unique and various batik motif/design and to enhance their product innovation. This research is to empirically test the effect of batik motif variables and product innovation on performance, by using organizational learning as moderation variable. The samples of this research is 90 micro, small, and medium business actors of batik from two regions in the province of Central Java; the city of Semarang and Semarang Regency. Data analysis uses SPSS program of version 22 by using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). Research finding proves that : 1) Batik motif has significant effect on performance, 2) Batik motif has significant effect on organizational learning, 3) Product innovation has significant effect on performance, 4) Product innovation has significant effect on organizational learning, 5) Organizational learning has significant effect on performance. Organizational learning moderates the correlation between batik motif and product innovation with performance. Research finding proves the enhancement of product innovation and addition of batik motif/design needed to enhance business performance.


Abstract:This study aims to identify prospective chemistry teachers� difficulties in comprehension the subject of polar and nonpolar covalent bonding. In addition to that, attempts were also made to determine how they interpreted the nature of force in covalent bonding. The study was conducted in qualitative research method. Three different concept cartoons were used for data collection. 15 prospective chemistry teachers were included in the study. All of the participants were chosen in purposeful sampling method. The data collected were put to content analysis, consistently with the nature of qualitative research studies. Following the analyses, the prospective chemistry teachers� levels of comprehension the subject were revealed and the issue was discussed.

Title: Utilizing Project Management Strategy in Designing Proposal on GPS Systems

Abstract:It is seen that software industry has led to development of various technologies but its failures are still unseen. Software system failures have occurred like ERP project failure in Jordan, Therac-25 (radiation therapy machine), Arianne 5(Europe�s rocket), and automated airport baggage handling (DIA) and malfunctioning of GPS systems in US. The paper deals with illustration of project management strategy steps by taking case study on GPS system into consideration.