Title: Clinical Effects of Nonpharmacological Interventions on Sleep Quality of Korea`s Elderly Population: A Systematical Review

Abstract:This research aims to outline a way to develop a nonpharmacological intervention(NPI) by understanding the clinical effects and recent trends of NPI based on systematical review on the studies of NPI for improvement of the elderly�s sleep quality published in Korea. As a systematical review of the previous studies of NPI for improvement of sleep quality of the elderly in Korea published in between 2009 and 2019, this study was conducted in order to provide detailed guidance for future studies of NPI by understanding the recent trends of NPI and analyze its effects. The results have shown aroma massage was the most used NPI, and auricular acupressure therapy started to be applied the most lately. Of the measuring tools, subjective tools to measure degree of sleep were more used to evaluate quality of sleep. For the elderly, furthermore, NPI were confirmed to be effective to improve quality of sleep.

Title: The effects of sports on subjective happiness: the willingness to pay of different people groups

Abstract:Using a nationally representative sample from the China Family Panel Studies 2010 and employing an instrumental variable approach, I estimate the effect of participation in sports on subjective well-being or happiness of the Chinese residents. This paper seeks to make a unique contribution to the existing literature by studying separately the effect of sports for the economically active and inactive population. Estimation results indicate that doing sports has a significant and positive impact on happiness for both groups. Moreover, the impact is greater for the active population if sports are done during working days rather than during rest days, whereas the effect varies slightly for the inactive population whenever sports are done. Policy implications could be that doing sports during working days is worth recommending for the active population, as it increases happiness to a larger extent.

Title: Incidence, antibiotic resistance properties and ERIC-based molecular typing of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria isolated from human clinical infections

Abstract:Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria are considered as an developing nosocomial infectious agent with an emergence of antibiotic resistance. An existing survey was performed to assess the incidence, phenotypic pattern of antibiotic resistance and molecular typing of MRSA bacteria isolated from human hospital infections. One-hundred infectious specimens including pus, sputum, urine and blood were collected from hospitalized patients. Specimens were cultured and MRSA bacteria were identified using susceptibility assessment against cefoxitin (30 µg) and oxacillin (1 µg) antibiotic disks and mecA detection. Antibiotic resistance pattern and molecular typing of MRSA bacteria were performed using the disk diffusion and ERIC-PCR, respectively. Forty-six out of 100 (46%) infectious specimens were positive for S. aureus. Sputum (64.28%) had the uppermost incidence of S. aureus, while blood (25%) had the lowermost. Thirty-five out of 46 (76.08) S. aureus isolates were identified as MRSA. Incidence of MRSA amongst the S. aureus bacteria isolated from sputum, urine, pus and blood specimens were 100%, 47.61%, 100% and 100%, respectively. MRSA strains harbored high incidence of resistance toward penicillin (100%), cefazolin (100%), clindamycin (94.28%), tetracycline (88.57%), erythromycin (71.42%) and ciprofloxacin (68.57%). All MRSA bacteria had complete resistance to at least 2 antibiotic agents, while 34.28% of MRSA isolates harbored resistance toward more than 7 antibiotics. A total of 55 to 100% ERIC-based similarities were found between MRSA isolates. MRSA strains with the same ERIC-genetic cluster had similar antibiotic resistance which may show their similar origin of infection. Presence of multidrug-resistant-MRSA signifies an important public health threat rendering the difficulties in treatment of infections caused by this bacterium.

Title: Evaluation of heat and ultrasonic waves impact on volatile compounds, essential fatty acids as well as oxidative stability and antibacterial screening of Pakistani cultivar Dulcis seeds oil and its by-products

Abstract:The behaviour of heat and waves was evaluated after the successful characterization of Pakistani cultivar Dulcis seeds oil and meal. Heat effected oil and meal (SEO and SEML) was obtained from Soxhlet extraction technique whereas, ultrasonic assisted extraction techniques was employed for waves based Dulcis oil and meal (UAEO and UAEML). The presence of volatile components in UAEO was the noteworthy character observed in GC-MS spectra whereas, same character not found in SEO. GC analysis showed the slight change in the composition of methyl esters of essential fatty acids of SEO, UAEO. SEM images of UAEML and SEML showed a complete difference of surfaces. Variation was found in bioactivity of oils and meals when the materials were subjected for antimicrobial and radical scavenging activities. The results showed that wave-based method of extraction retained the natural properties and bioactive compound of oil and by-product compared to heat-based technology. The presence of 4H-pyran-4-one, 2,3-dihydro-3,5dihydroxy-6-methyl in heated meal was the clue. Results of macro and micro-nutrients, characterization and bioactivity of oils and meals suggested the waves based extracting procedures good for production of nutritional and functional properties oil and the oil by-product.

Title: The impact of infrastructural development roads and its impact on poverty alleviation: a case study of Hazara Division

Abstract:Poverty is recognized as a biggest challenge of this century because it is multifaceted concept. The study primarily examined the impact of China Pakistan-economic corridor on Poverty reduction. It also examined the mediating role of road infrastructure among China Pakistan-economic corridor (CPEC) and Poverty (P). The economic corridor is considered central to China–Pakistan relations and will run about 2,700 km from Gwadar to Kashghar. The main objective of this research work is to develop a framework that links transportation infrastructure especially road network to poverty reduction through enhanced economic growth in Thakot and Havalean region in special context of china Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). The hypotheses of the study included the significant impact of China Pakistan-economic corridor (CPEC) in the context of road infrastructure and its impact on Poverty reduction. They also included the significant impact of Transport (T), Employments and Jobs (EJ), Health and care (HC), Education and literacy (EL) and price of goods (POG) on the poverty alleviation activities.\nThe study used quantitative approach using self-administered questionnaires. The questionnaire was built on the seven scale existing standardized questionnaires. Nine demographic questions have also been included in the second section of the study questionnaire. Instruments of the study were validated by factor analysis. The study included the data collected from 800 respondents in Hazara division. All the relationships were tested using correlation and Structure Equation Modeling (SEM). The SEM indicated multiple confirmations like; CPEC had a strong impact on Poverty, Road infrastructure did have a strong impact on Transport, Employments and jobs, Education and literacy, health and care, and price of goods. All of these indicated a significant path coefficient. Results also confirmed that road infrastructure mediated the relationship between CPEC and Poverty.

Title: How to Adapt the Roles of Information Technology Teachers in Normal High Schools

Abstract:Facing the curriculum reform centered on student core literacy, its success or failure depends not only on the scientific formulation of curriculum standards. The key lies in the effectiveness of curriculum implementation after the revision of curriculum standards. Teachers are the subjects of course implementation and teaching is the main channel for curriculum implementation. The degree of teacher\'s teaching adaptation of new course directly affects the quality of course implementation, and teacher teaching adaptability determines the degree of teacher\'s teaching adaptation. In order to improve the teaching adaptability of teachers to improve the quality of the new course implementation. This paper used both data analysis and interview methods. Via the theoretical exploration of the connotation and mechanism of teacher teaching adaptability and teachers explore the theoretical framework of teaching adaptability in information technology. The research topic is the \"Opinions on Deepening the Curriculum Reform and Implementing the Fundamental Tasks of Morality Education\" issued by the Ministry of Education, interviewed 32 teachers. After finishing the teachers\' clear understanding of the subject based on the relevant concepts, teaching adaptation can be achieved, and finally the mechanism of teacher teaching adaptability is analyzed.

Title: The Impacts of Applying IFRS in Governmental companies: Case Study in Iraqi Oil Companies

Abstract:This research aims to explain the nature of accounting procedures which are currently used in Iraqi oil companies, and accounting procedures in accordance with the International Accounting Standards (IASs), and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Also, this research aims to find the differences between them, and the impact of adoption IASs, IFRS on current Iraqi accounting system. The research found that some of the important conclusions which is a difference in accounting procedures for accounting system which are currently used in Iraqi oil companies with accounting procedures according to IASs, and IFRS. In addition, harmonization between accounting procedures in Iraqi\'s oil companies with IASs, IFRSs will contribute to provide relevant information which it helps to attract foreign investments.\nFinally, the research put set of recommendations including there is a need to reflect in current accounting system which is used in Iraqi oil companies in regard to in line with International Accounting Standards, and particularly with international financial reporting standards (IFRS 6) for extractive industries, as well as, there is a need to achieve harmonization between currently Iraqi accounting procedures and IASs, IFRS in order to attract foreign investments.


Abstract:In this paper, we introduce the degenerate gamma random variables which are connected with the degenerate gamma functions and the degenerate exponential functions, and deduce\nthe expectation and variance of those random variables.


Abstract:Various natural disasters originating from land and sea in many places on earth have taken many human lives and damaged material. One of the causes is natural dynamics, for example water overflow. However, natural dynamics can also be triggered by human activities, such as climate change due to global warming, which further impacts river water overflows. Human efforts must focus on reducing the impact of disasters. Tech-nological methods are sufficiently available, but this paper discusses several approaches to greening actions to solve problems. Reforestation includes the role of plants, the po-tential for phytodrainage, the emphasis on global warming, strengthening of river banks and beaches, spatial planning of cities and regions.


Abstract:Este texto presenta parte de la tesis doctoral del Programa de Posgrado en Educaci�n de la Universidad Estatal de Campinas, titulada Educaci�n a tiempo completo en el estado de Minas Gerais: an�lisis de la pol�tica y sus efectos. La investigaci�n referida, desarrollada a partir de un estudio de caso, tuvo como objetivo analizar la pol�tica p�blica de educaci�n a tiempo completo en el estado de Minas Gerais. Cubri� cuatro escuelas primarias limitadas a la Superintendencia Regional de Ense�anza de Po�os de Caldas, Minas Gerais. Involucr�, a trav�s de entrevistas, diecis�is deponentes, entre ellos ocho maestros, cuatro coordinadores y cuatro padres. La investigaci�n revela una mejora en el rendimiento, experiencias que contribuyen a la vida personal, expansi�n del conocimiento, actividades culturales, as� como la necesidad de un trabajo conjunto que culmine en la elaboraci�n de un proyecto colectivo.