Abstract:The present study consists of presenting the results of investigations that sought to broaden the possibilities of a view on diversity and the educational reality in Angola and Brazil by the school community. The choice of the theme addressed here was made through reflections and perceptions of researchers in education and information science, as educational issues encompass two distinct realities, but they are present in the Angolan and Brazilian reality. The research was carried out under the theoretical assumptions methodological framework of qualitative research based on bibliographic research. Initially, we made a history of educational issues in Brazil, specifically teaching supervision, analyzing the policy, and its influence in the historical context. superior of Angola its political questions, looking in this way the experiences of “place”, reconstructing the history of the educational institutions in Angola, aiming to understand a common sense positioning of the experiences lived by the actors of history, based on official documents.\nFinally, we conclude that in the studies on sexuality and gender, the theoretical framework is constituted by the formulations of Freire (2015), Stoller (1993) and Pinto (2015) and considering the concerns of Freire (2015), concerning the welcoming issues diversity at school, the following question arose: how child education schools have worked, through children\'s literature and their physical spaces, such a welcome, centrally concerning gender issues.

Title: Estudio comparativo del nivel de acoso escolar en estudiantes de una institucion publica y privada

Abstract:En la presente investigación se propone comparar el nivel de acoso escolar en relación al tipo de gestión escolar (pública o privada), mediante el test AVE de acoso y violencia escolar de Iñaki y Piñuel. En segundo lugar, se pretende identificar modalidades recibidas de acoso y el posible daño clínico que revelen la existencia de afectación psicológica por medio de escalas de maltrato físico y psicológico. Finalmente, la influencia de las variables: edad, sexo e ingreso mensual familiar en el tipo de institución. Se evalúa a 160 estudiantes de 14 a 16 años de edad del décimo año de Educación Básica de la provincia de Tungurahua. El diseño de investigación es cuantitativo y comparativo de corte transversal. Los datos se analizan con el programa Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) y aplicando el Chi cuadrado de Pearson. Los resultados de la investigación denotan la presencia de acoso escolar entre pares en ambas instituciones, sin embargo, se presenta mayor incidencia en el sector público con niveles de casi alto a muy alto con un 48.7%.

Title: Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Factors for E-governmenternment Implementation

Abstract:Electronic governments are currently getting recognized as an authentic strategically tool in delivering services of E-government. Considering the of information system (IS) development as well as the expanding recognition of the internet-based applications, E-government has always been a significance aspect in delivering governmental and public services, besides helping citizens to access information more easily. This research has adopted technology acceptance model (TAM) with perceived privacy, perceived enjoyment, and perceived risk. All factors were implemented to discover the status of the TAM then investigate attitudes towards use E-government. Consequently, the major aim of this research is to create a model to investigate TAM model along with perceived privacy, perceived enjoyment, and perceived risk that influence attitudes towards use E-government. In order to accomplish this research objective, a survey has been applied as the major data gathering approach; the survey has been distributed among 342 consumers that are using E-government service consistently. Moreover, all research findings were attained through a quantitative method using the Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). Findings of this research revealed that the constructs fundamental of the TAM model are strongly influencing attitudes towards use E-government of the E-government services; correspondingly, Moreover, the fundamental constructs perceived privacy, perceived security, and perceived risk appear to have a strong impact on attitudes towards use E-government.


Abstract:This article aims to analyze the evolution of the role of women in the formation of the identity of the Cooperative of Santa Catarina and the strategies of policy advocacy used to achieve this end. It adopts as a theoretical framework the strand of gender studies, and from it analyzes the case of the role of women in the State of Santa Catarina. The contribution of this research is to elaborate a panorama of the evolution of the role of women in the cooperativism of Santa Catarina, the importance of this participation to consolidate the identity of cooperativism and the role of the practice of policy advocacy to reach these objectives. The result of the analysis makes it possible to perceive the increase of female participation in the social structure of the cooperative of Santa Catarina. The article is a case study, using qualitative and quantitative methods, based on primary and secondary data.

Title: Smoking, alcohol and drug use prevention, by raising awareness among adolescents from Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Abstract:Introduction\nThe health status of adolescents is largely determined by factors that begin in the earliest childhood.\nThis study aims to increase the prevention of smoking, alcohol and drug use by raising awareness among adolescents from Plovdiv, Bulgaria\nMaterials and Methods: The study was conducted at 17 schools on the territory of Plovdiv in two consecutive academic years: 2015/16 and 2016/17. Schools were randomly selected from among all the schools with full-time education for pupils in 5th-8th grade on the territory of Plovdiv. Regular pupils are aged 11-14 years old. For the purpose of the study, the Regional Inspectorate of Education and the Territorial Computing Center have been requested on a regular basis for the number of regular pupils from 5th to 8th grade by grade and sex on the territory of the city of Plovdiv. The youngsters included in the study were randomly selected through a statistical program. 302 students were enrolled in the general study. 27 of the latter were absent from school or did not fill in all the questions in the questionnaire on the day of the survey, which excluded them so that the results were based on 275 students.\nConclusion: \n• A small number of students are not aware of the effects of harmful substances. Despite the higher awareness, girls use more harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol than boys. The majority of cigarette users started at the age of 13. Half of those claiming to be non-smokers are exposed to tobacco smoke mainly in their homes and these are more girls.\n• Adolescents are better informed about the different drugs and the harmful effects of using these substances compared to their awareness of cigarettes and alcohol. As main sources of information, they point to the family and then to the school.\n• Our findings may be valuable in school health care settings in planning cessation programs.

Title: Bots as Foreign Language Learning Tools: from Theory to Practice

Abstract:The importance of Foreign Language learners (FLL) is to have an excellent environment to practice their target language. The modern foreign language teachers should explore the emerging technologies to create opportunities for their students best because teachers do not have enough time to help them practice the target language even in pairs or groups. This paper addresses bots as an FFL tool in foreign language teaching and discusses the potential role of bots in applying for teaching English as a foreign language to fulfill the lack of time and students’ shyness in learning English as a Foreign Language. 200 students used a well-known bot in the class, and their feedback was recorded and evaluated via Google form. Their primary opinions show that learning with a bot is more convenient than with a foreign language teacher. Although the state of chatbots in foreign language teaching has not been paid much attention, students are keen on this kind of emerging technology. The article presented an overview of applying bots in language teaching with the real application for language practice and suggested for further applications of bots in foreign language teaching.

Title: A comparative investigation of human LDL and HDL oxidation by homocysteine thiolactone, in vitro study

Abstract:Homocysteine thiolactone (HCTL), a metabolic product of Hcy, contributes directly or indirectly to the process of atherosclerosis. However, it remains unknown how lipoproteins, i.e., HDL and LDL are oxidizing following different levels of HCTL and in the case of LDL, the co-presence of HCTL and PON, as protecting enzyme against the lipoprotein oxidation. We examined single effect of different levels of HCTL, including 10, 50 and 100 �M on human HDL and LDL oxidation rate. In addition, combined effect of similar concentrations of HCTL and PON on LDL oxidation was also investigated in vitro. To address that, HDL and LDL were separated from healthy volunteer by single vertical spin gradient ultracentrifugation. Additionally, human PON1 was purified from the same plasma. The kinetic of copper-induced HDL or LDL oxidation was monitored continuously over the 300 min time course. Higher levels of HTCL resulted in significant decrease (P<0.05) in lag time while conjugated dienes formation and Vmax were elevated significantly (P<0.05) as compared with control. The conjugated dienes formation and Vmax in HTCL+PON treatment of LDL was higher (P<0.05) as compared with single HTCL in HDL group. All combined treatment of HCTL+PON led to significant increase (P<0.05) in lag time and lower conjugated dienes formation in LDL groups as compared with similar HCTL treatment (e.g., HCTL10+PON vs. HCTL10). HDL seems to be more resistance to Cu2+-induced oxidation rather than LDL either in the presence or in absence of HCTL, possibly owing to their associated antioxidant enzymes like PON1.

Title: Characterization of students admitted to medical-surgical specializations at The University of Cartagena, 2017-2

Abstract:the objective of this study was to characterize the students admitted to medical surgical specializations at the University of Cartagena period 2017-2. A descriptive study - observational, practicing a survey to students admitted to medical surgical specializations and reviewed the resumes to verify the certification of competences. It also developed a database with demographic information, academic training, professional experience and results obtained in the selection process. The average score of the knowledge exam was 48.94/80 points, still the highest score of 53.67/80 points and the lowest 40.51/80. Resume rating averaged 4.5/10 points, with a highest score of 7/10 and a lowest of 2/10 points. Most had not belonged to a research group, had no scientific publications, had no certification of English to level B2 or higher according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, neither had additional studies.


Abstract:The Pedagogy of Projects has emerged in the educational scenario as a resource that provides educators with a shared and dynamic pedagogical practice, and the students the protagonism of the construction of their own knowledge, through the elaboration and development of projects, which emerge from their motivations. In this learning strategy, it is up to the teacher to mediate the process of building learning, by encouraging research, in order to develop contextualized work that responds to a certain real problem. Considering the importance of Project Pedagogy in the integral education of the student, this research aimed to: characterize the development of Project Pedagogy in the classroom and describe the resources used in this teaching practice. This is an ethnographic field research, of a qualitative nature, carried out through semi-structured interviews with nine teachers who work in the early childhood scenario of a school in the interior of the state of S�o Paulo. The data obtained were interpreted by the Content Analysis Technique in the Thematic modality. The results point to seven thematic categories: 1. Application of Project Pedagogy, 2. Provision of resources for classes, 3. Participation of students and interference of teachers in the choice of topic, 4. Role of the teacher in the application of Project Pedagogy, 5 Results of project practice, 6. Evaluation in Project Pedagogy, 7. Strengths and weaknesses. These results indicate the possible way to develop Project Pedagogy in the classroom and the factors that interfere in this pedagogical proposal.

Title: Clinical Effects of Nonpharmacological Interventions on Sleep Quality of Korea`s Elderly Population: A Systematical Review

Abstract:This research aims to outline a way to develop a nonpharmacological intervention(NPI) by understanding the clinical effects and recent trends of NPI based on systematical review on the studies of NPI for improvement of the elderly�s sleep quality published in Korea. As a systematical review of the previous studies of NPI for improvement of sleep quality of the elderly in Korea published in between 2009 and 2019, this study was conducted in order to provide detailed guidance for future studies of NPI by understanding the recent trends of NPI and analyze its effects. The results have shown aroma massage was the most used NPI, and auricular acupressure therapy started to be applied the most lately. Of the measuring tools, subjective tools to measure degree of sleep were more used to evaluate quality of sleep. For the elderly, furthermore, NPI were confirmed to be effective to improve quality of sleep.