Title: Factors Affecting Learning Performance in Flipped Classroom: An Empirical Study Based on RCOI Framework

Abstract:Prior studies focused on the relationships among the factors affecting the\nflipped classroom\'s learning performance (FCLP), but few analyzed the factors that\naffect FCLP. This study constructed a four-dimension model of the factors affecting\nFCLP based on the revised community of inquiry (RCOI) framework and tested it in\nthree flipped classrooms (N=231) in a leading Chinese university. The analysis revealed\nthat learners\' perception of FCLP was affected by the social presence, teaching presence,\ncognitive presence, and learning presence in descending influence order. The cognitive\npresence acted as a full mediator between learning presence and FCLP and a partial\nmediator among teaching presence, social presence, and FCLP. The conclusion may\nprovide a theoretical and practical guide to the future teaching design and class\norganization of flipped classrooms.

Title: Justice and Equity in the New General Local Plans in Albania

Abstract:Equity in territorial planning is is a wellknown concept and of central importance in the theoretical debate and planning practice of Western countries. However, in Albania, the goal of justice and equality in territorial planning remains a new challenge, unaddressed in practice and far from the focus of academic research. This paper seeks to raise concerns about the evaluation of new local plans that have been drafted over the last decade in Albania regarding the criteria of justice and equality for urban development. The term equality, in the context of city planning, refers to the technique of conforming the territory and the developing real estate, for which the regulatory plan should evenly distribute the advantages and disadvantages of urban planning.. We argue that there is a gap in the legal framework in Albania which does not provide a methodology that enables the fair distribution of development rights through territorial plans. The new local plans drafted from 2013 onwards use Development Instruments such as land use and territorial development indicators reflecting the factual situation in some areas and unsubstantiated interests in others. In this regard, there is a need for a review of local territorial plans regarding the evaluation of the implementation of the principle of equality in the distribution of development rights. In a further perspective, the article suggests an integrated review of the legal planning framework including the legal provisions of sectoral legislation governing informal construction issues and property titles unresolved by the political regime of past decades. Related to the issue of equality of development law with property development rights, the article argues that an integrated solution of the legal framework of territorial planning and development by applying the criteria of justice and equality in the distribution of urban development rights, offers opportunities for resolving conflicts inherited from other legal acts, widely contested in connection with the denial of the right to territorial development, such as the law on the treatment of property and the law on the legalization of informal settlements.

Title: Optimization of inulin extraction from garlic (Allium sativum L.) waste using the response surface methodology

Abstract:Inulin is a polysaccharide with several applications within the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industry. It is considered a dietary fibre that provides multiple health benefits. In this work, the yield of raw inulin obtained from garlic agro-industrial useless organic waste was maximized, by applying the response surface methodology in a central composite design (CCD), in which different distilled-water (DW)-to-garlic-agro-industrial-organic-waste (GAIOW) ratios (3 and 5 mL/g) and different temperatures (60 and 80 °C) were evaluated. Optimal condition was obtained with a DW/GAIOW ratio of 4.3 mL/g and a temperature of 80.2 °C. Under this condition, the quadratic model showed a maximum yield of crude inulin of 8.17 ± 0.89 g/100 g. Further, the CCD model obtained was validated with three additional experiments at the same optimal condition. The FTIR spectra of inulin obtained from garlic agro-industrial organic residues and chicory inulin showed similarities and differences, presumably related to the different degrees of polymerization of the fructans present.

Title: Efectos de un programa de juegos recreativos en el aprendizaje de las de matematicas en estudiantes de tercer grado

Abstract:The educational process, assumed as the interaction between individuals of different generations, allows the transmission of relevant aspects for the intellectual formation and personal development of the human being. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a recreational game program on mathematics learning in third grade students; The research was carried out under the quantitative approach, with a quasi-experimental and longitudinal cut design where the `Instruimos` test was used as an instrument. The main results found were that both the control and the experimental group presented changes in the post-test, being significant in the experimental group. The aforementioned study concludes that the educational processes that use recreational play are positive since this allows the understanding of concepts, the improvement of techniques and the acquisition of problem solving methods.

Title: The Contribution of Reading Strategies to Mathematical Literacy of Students: A Comparison of Singapore, Australia, The United States of America, and Saudi Arabia based on PISA 2018 data

Abstract:This study investigates the contribution of three categories of reading strategies to 15 year old school students’ mathematical literacy. The data for Singapore, Australia, the United States of America, and Saudi Arabia were obtained from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA 2018). The multiple regression results showed that all the three types of reading strategies contributed significantly to mathematical literacy with much variation between the sub-strategies. The summary writing strategy category contributed best to students’ mathematical literacy in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Australia with beta values, 17.7%, 13.7%, and 10%, respectively whereas the reaction to email category (focused on critical thinking) was the best contributed category in the USA (7.3%). The findings further illuminate which specific strategies most strongly predict mathematical literacy across all four countries, and which distinguish the country with the best mathematical literacy performance (Singapore) and the lowest performer (Saudi Arabia). The issue is further discussed whether reading strategies have a direct contribution on mathematical literacy or not and how the answer might affect possible intervention policies to improve mathematical literacy in schools.




Abstract:COVID-19 has emerged as multifarious lung disease with various clinical presentations in addition with common cold and flu. The airway inflammation, bronchial hyper responsiveness and mucus secretion leading to airflow obstruction is characterized as cause of inconvenient breathing. Currently the CoV-2 is diagnosed with polymerase chain reactions and some biochemical techniques employed in virology but lung function tests are ignored. No one is still established serum biomarker to assess the severity of inflammation and obstruction of airways. Present study was conducted to evaluate clinical utility of serum Periostin level in Cov-2 infected patients in term of significant correlation of serum Periostin levels with absolute Eosinophil count and lung function test. Total 760 CoV-2 infected participants were subjected to study. Infection was further classified into mild, intermittent, moderate and severe types and 100 patients for each groups were studied. Patients with COPD or other type of allergy were excluded from the study. Patients from 18-60 years of age, diagnosed with asthma by a Pulmonologist and age and gender matched non-asthmatic adults were included in the study bearing CoV-2 infections. Absolute eosinophil count were determined by XN-1000 Sysmex hematology analyzer and serum Periostin level were measured with manual Elisa method. Lung function test was performed with spirometer (FEV1) at Ayub Teaching hospital. The data was entered and analyzed using SPSS 20.0. Comparison between two groups were calculated by sample t-test and correlation were calculated by person correlation coefficient. Study concluded that Serum periostin level and absolute eosinophil count were significantly correlated with severity of COVID-19 infections and can be used as surrogate markers for diagnosis and severity of disease.

Title: Soret and Dufour effects in entropy optimized mixed convective flow of Carreau-Yasuda fluid: A numerical study

Abstract:This research communication reports a computational study of mixed convection towards a stretched surface with a Carreau-Yasuda model (non-Newtonian fluid). A Carreau-Yasuda model, acceptable for numerous non-Newtonian models, is utilized to illustrate the behavior of both shear thinking and thinning liquids. The energy and concentration equations are developed using the concept of law of conservations of energy and mass in the presence of thermal radiation, Soret and Dufour effects, viscous dissipation and activation energy. Total entropy rate depends on four different types of irreversibilities, i.e., thermal, Joule heating, fluid friction, mass and calculated through second law of thermodynamics. Convective boundary conditions is imposed at the boundary for both heat and mass transport. The governing equations are transformed into ordinary ones via appropriate similarity transformations and numerical results are obtained through Built-in-Shooting method. The pertinent flow parameters for the problem are mixed convection parameter, Soret and Dufour parameters and activation parameter. The impact to the constitutive non-Newtonian fluid (Carreau-Yasuda model) on the velocity, temperature, concentration, entropy generation rate, skin friction and heat transfer rate is discussed in detail. The obtained results are compared with previous published research articles and good agreement is found. The results reveal that temperature increases against higher values of Dufour parameters.

Title: Effects of Mentoring Program on Reality Shock, Job-Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention of New Nurses in Korea

Abstract:This study aims to acknowledge the functionality of Mentoring Program as a strategy for keeping new nurses from quitting jobs. The range of new nurses who are being studied is limited to 112 people who have clinical experience less than 24 months, with participating in Mentoring Program 12 months before being employed. IBM SPSS Statistics 23.0 Program was used to analyze collected materials. The differences between Present Shock, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention were investigated by independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, and by Scheffe’ test according to each nurse\'s characteristic. The relationship between each nurse\'s Present Shock, Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intention, and Mentoring Program experience was reviewed by Pearson correlation. The Mentoring Program’s mediating effect on Present Shock, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention was examined by Baron and Kenny\'s 3rd Step Method for Mediation, utilizing multiple regression analysis. As a result, it is proved that the Mentoring Program experienced by new nurses provided a significant effect not only on Turnover Intention but also on reducing both Present Shock and Job Satisfaction.

Title: Reality versus imagination; Can Dust be a promising osteoconductive substance? An experimental study

Abstract:Aim: to evaluate the outcome of the dust as an osteoconductive substance after implantation of soil and modified soil in canines.Material and methodsThe study was conducted in the faculty of veterinary in our university between March 2018 and February 2019, The canine radial and ulnar defect model was used to compare the scaffold performance and selection of the most promising substance. outcome was assessed by x-rays to ensure the presence of the material at early post-operative then every three weeks to observe changes of the material and bone ingrowth, finally open surgery was performed to evaluate the changes in the bone defect.Eighteen canines of both sexes were enrolled in this study, the division of the canines into 3 groups was done, A, B&C, over 6 weeks the eighteen canines were operated 3 per week, one canine of each group, we named the group according to the sample.Data were collected by observation and were tabulated over the data sheet for every canine. ResultsEighteen canines were operated, the mean age of the canines was 16.17 months, range (6-30), SD 6.68. There were 13 males 72.2%, and 5 females 27.8%, the mean weight of the canines was 13.11 kgs, (12-15), SD 1.13, the operated side was right in 13 canine, 72.2%, and left side in 5, 27.8%, radius was osteomatised in 9 canine, 50%, where ulna was osteomatised in 9 canines, 50%, the length of bone defect performed was 3 cm, all operated groups were followed till 16 weeks postoperative.ConclusionImplantation of dust or formulated dust material after sterilization and purification had shown a primary failure in obtaining new bone formation during conduction of this study.The future aim is to obtain the neutral and the optimum formula that compatible with the human tissue to induce auto tissue regeneration.