Title: The Impact of the Refugee Student Factor on Primary School Teachers' Burnout and Occupational Commitment

Abstract:The present research studies the effect of the refugee student factor on the burnout and occupational commitment of classroom teachers. The research was conducted within the framework of the relational scanning model. The data were collected from a total of 433 classroom teachers who do and do not have refugee students in their classes and serve in Osmaniye province in Turkey. The “Maslach Burnout Inventory” and “Occupational Commitment Scale” were used as data collection tools. According to the MANOVA test results, the linear combinations of the emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, personal accomplishment sub-dimensions, and occupational commitment of teachers differ significantly depending on whether or not refugee students are in their classes. According to the one-way ANOVA test results, there was no change in their occupational commitment while all sub-dimensions of teachers\' burnout varied somewhat by the refugee student factor. These findings present the effect of refugee students on classroom teachers\' burnout and occupational commitment.

Title: Integrating Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering and Bioprocessing Simulation Software�s in Ecuadorian Industrial Biotechnology Undergraduate Program.

Abstract:Industrial biotechnology (IB) is considered a multidisciplinary discipline. Up to date, in Ecuador there is a growing demand from both, academia and industry for scientists with a solid background in the field of bioinformatics, genetic engineering, industrial biotechnology and bioprocesses. This work describes a practical educative example with an integrative approach based on simulation programs that include and relate such important disciplines, which normally are taught as separated courses in our institutions. The participants acquired skills from these disciplines in the same classwork in which they used computer programs to pose and solve a practical problem going from the molecular design to the industrial process through design, economic and environmental analysis of the bioprocess. With these integrated simulations, the student gets closer to the reality of what is done at the industry level. University professors, who teach integrative subjects at the undergraduate level such as Industrial Biotechnology and BioProcess Design & Economics, can use this practical and inspiring educational example highly valued by students supported by computer programs, also thought to be used in postgraduate programs. Satisfaction survey results are also discussed.

Title: Deserci�n Universitaria: Comparaci�n de carreras de formaci�n tecnol�gica

Abstract:La deserción es un tema relevante en las instituciones de educación superior que ha sido muy estudiado por varios autores. El presente trabajo presenta una propuesta muy interesante para la medición de la deserción estudiantil, siendo parte del insumo informativo para la toma de decisiones con la finalidad de revertirla. El uso de este indicador denominado Índice Geométrico de Deserción ha logrado entregar variada información de forma rápida y efectiva. Cuando se analizan los resultados de la deserción, estos indican que los departamentos académicos presentan una tendencia al alza, observándose que la deserción de segundo año es tan alta como la de primer año, lo cual está en contra de un consenso respecto que la deserción de segundo año resultaría ser bastante menor a la de primer año, sobre todo en carreras de tres años de duración. También se observa un menor ingreso del sexo femenino el que presenta una deserción significativa. El grupo de investigación recomienda la utilización de este indicador por tener una metodología bastante eficaz para la producción de información basada en la deserción.

Title: Determining the Relationship between Metacognition and Academic Success in Nursing Students

Abstract:Educational efforts to raise conscious individuals have started to progress rapidly in a more meaningful way with the emergence of the metacognition theory and the studies carried out on this theory. This study aims to evaluate the relationship between nursing students\' metacognition and their academic success. This descriptive study was carried out using the quantitative research method with the first and fourth year students of the nursing faculty of a university. The sample of the study consisted of 227 students who agreed to participate in the research. Researchers collected the data with a metacognition scale and a questionnaire form containing socio-demographic features. The study found the cognitive awareness sub-dimension of the metacognition scale of nursing students as 16.2±2.3 high. The mean scores of female students were high and researchers determined that they were affected pathologically during the thought process. The need for thought control of students whose mothers have low education levels was found to be 17.3±1.0 high. The study showed that the 4th grade students got better mean scores calculated as 16.5±3.5 for positive beliefs, 14.1±3.8 for need to control thoughts, and 17.4±0.5 for cognitive awareness due to increased self-confidence. The study determined that the awareness of nursing students is high, an independent variable such as gender affects the metacognition, and class difference is important. The study found that the education level of the mothers of students affect the results. Due to the fact that female students are pathologically affected by the higher thought process, in-depth research is recommended on this subject. The researchers suggest that increasing the metacognitive skills of nursing students will benefit both students and care outcomes.


Abstract:Customer confidence is critical to businesses as customers are reason why organisations remain sustained hence serving them better. Meanwhile, high level of loss of customer confidence is being experienced due to poor strategic leadership which has led to various problems for many Insurance companies in Nigeria. This study investigated the effect of strategic leadership on customer confidence of quoted Insurance companies in Nigeria. The study adopted cross-sectional survey research design. The population was 375 executive directors and executive managers of 20 quoted insurance companies in Nigeria. Total enumeration method was adopted. A structured and validated questionnaire was used to collect data. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficients for all the constructs ranged from 0.71 to 0.82. The response rate was 82.9%. Data collected were analysed using descriptive and inferential (linear and multiple regression) statistics. Findings revealed that strategic leadership had significant effect on customer confidence of quoted insurance companies in Nigeria (Adj. R2 = 0.297; F (5,305) = 27.134, p < 0.05). The study concluded that strategic leadership enhances customer confidence of quoted insurance companies in Nigeria. It was recommended that management of quoted insurance companies in Nigeria should continuously adopt strategic leadership so as to ensure customer confidence and remain sustained.

Title: Dining Table Culture in China: A View from Phenomenological Pedagogy

Abstract:Family mealtimes constitute occasions for not only engaging members in feeding and eating but also reinforcing family identity. Yet, fast-changing conditions in China have influenced the dynamics of the family; one factor of great importance is that most dual-earner households have little time to engage with their children in family mealtimes. This phenomenological study attempts to explore the nature and characteristics of dining table cultures through informants’ lived experience in childhood. From a child’s perspective, four characteristics of family education perceived by informants confirm the value of dining table culture for parent-child bonding, Chinese cultural transmission, and implications for future parents who should be aware of the impact of dining table culture to maintain the well-being of family members.

Title: Design and Implementation of Wireless Network Physical Teaching System based on Edge Computing

Abstract:The traditional wireless network laboratory constructed with physical equipment prompts two obvious problems: high hardware investment and long experiment deployment time. To address these issues, this study proposed a novel Wireless Network Physical Teaching System (WNPTS) based on Edge Computing (EC). Firstly, the isolation design of in-band and out-band network avoids the inter-ference between management data and experimental data. Secondly, this study designed a unified experimental resource description method based on XML format, which is parsed and executed by parser and topology switcher to realize the rapid deployment of the experimental environment. In the edge computing layer, multiple Virtual Network Devices (VNDs) were implemented on one physical network device through the following mechanisms: in the process space, each virtual device used an independent working directory and files to build an application software cluster dedicated to each VND. In physical space, this study designed a novel fast-forwarding mechanism, which takes each switch engine chip as one allocation unit and maps the forwarding table in the kernel space to realize the fast data forwarding for each VND. Statistical analysis shows that, compared with traditional approach, WNPTS reduced the total fixed investment cost by 30.25%, shortened the Average Deployment Time of Experimental En-vironment (ADTEE) from 18.3 minutes to 2.75 minutes, and improved the Timely Completion Rate of Experiments (TCRE) from 59% to 70%.

Title: Ultrasound-Guided Radial Artery Cannulation Technique in Elderly Patients Undergoing Non-cardiac Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Abstract:Background: Elderly radial arterial cannulation is challenging and timeconsuming.Ultrasound guidance can increase the success rate of thisprocedure, reduce its associated complications, and shorten the proceduraltime.Aims: Here we compared ultrasound-guided radial artery cannulation with thetraditional palpation technique in elderly patients.Methods: In this randomized controlled trial, 90 elderly patients undergoingnon-cardiac surgery were randomly divided into ultrasound-guided andpalpation groups and subsequently underwent arterial cannulation performedby anesthesia residents via either method. The primary outcomes were firstattemptcannulation success rate, overall success rate, and cannulation time.The secondary outcome was the incidence of cannulation-relatedcomplications.Results: A total of 89 elderly patients were analyzed in the present study. Thefirst-attempt success rate in the ultrasound-guided group (84.09%) was foundto be significantly higher than that in the palpation group (55.5%, P = 0.003).The cannulation time turned out to be significantly shorter in the ultrasoundguidedgroup (45.7 � 11.0s) than in the palpation group (54.2 � 16.2s, P = 0.000).The number of attempts in ultrasound-guided group was less than in palpationgroup. However, there was no significant difference in the rates of overallsuccess and cannulation-related complications between the two groups.Conclusions: Compared to traditional palpation, the ultrasound-guidedtechnique is recommended for elderly arterial cannulation, with a highersuccess rate of cannulation and fewer complications.

Title: E-Training Standards during COVID-19: Reality and Expectations

Abstract:The research problem was characterized by the existence of some shortcomings and deficiencies in applying E-Training effectively in Arab countries, due to its lack of basic standards. Therefore, the current research aims to identify the reality of applying e-training in the Arab countries during the Corona pandemic and the extent to which the trainees accept it. The quantitative descriptive analysis method is used to analyze the primary data that was collected through two tools: a questionnaire that was distributed to (264) trainees and a notecard to evaluate (15) training course. The research reached noteworthy results, including that the training programs provided during the Corona pandemic did not take into account the application of regulatory, executive, and evaluation standards due to the presence of several problems and challenges facing the training process, including technical support, lack of continuous evaluation and the weak design of the presented programs which reflected on the acceptance extent of the trainees for the e-training according to their job experiences, and nationalities. Also, the research recommended a necessity to apply specific standards of e-training that support all institutions and companies in achieving their mission and strategic goals.

Title: Can a WeChat-based application be used to facilitate geography teaching?

Abstract:The internet is changing traditional classroom teaching. WeChat as a new online communication tool is being used in teaching in China. However, few studies have explored the role and effectiveness of WeChat teaching. This study introduced a sustainable teaching mode to reveal how WeChat can be successfully integrated with traditional classroom teaching. The results showed that WeChat played a positive and effective role in student learning. The combination of classroom teaching with WeChat teaching extends the temporal, spatial, and subject matter aspects of education because the later helps develop a sustainable and synergic learning community.