Title: Determining the Factors Affecting the Achievement Status of High School Students by Logistic Regression.

Abstract:This study was carried out in order to determine the success status of the students studying at the associate degree level and the factors affecting student success after the theoretical knowledge of the logistic regression analysis and to what extent these factors are effective. In the research, a survey was conducted on a sample group of 325 people studying at Cizre Vocational School in the 2020-2021 academic year. Logistic regression analysis was determined in the model selection in accordance with the characteristics of the variables in the survey study and all analyzes were applied in the SAS package software. The success status variable was used as the dependent variable in the data set of the research. Sixteen independent variables were taken into account in this study, which was conducted to determine the factor or factors affecting the success of vocational school students. As a result of the analysis, among these variables, the effect of the subject's age, branch department, branch income, branch high school type, education level of the mother of the subject, education level of the father of the subject, attendance to the department and smoking status of the subject on success were found to be statistically insignificant (P>0.05). On the other hand, the effects of subject gender, number of subject siblings, whether there is a study room, whether the subject has a computer, subject's seated place, subject's health status, subject's interest in the division and subject's marital status in both individual and multiple regressions statistically significant (P<0.01)

Title: Impact of TV Talk Shows on Viewers' Political Comprehension and Voting Efficacy.

Abstract:This study utilized a quantitative research design to investigate the effects of TV political talk shows on viewers' democratic behavior and political comprehension. The research sample comprised 400 participants who completed an online survey questionnaire about their exposure to TV political talk shows and their resulting attitudes and knowledge about politics. A recent study found a positive correlation between news media consumption and talk show viewing, and perceived civic behavior positively and following political issues closely. However, there was no significant correlation between talk show viewing and intention to vote. The study did not support the hypothesis that the issues highlighted on talk shows correspond to the top perceived concerns affecting the country. The data indicates that social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp are also increasingly important sources of news and information. Media consumption can impact civic engagement and political knowledge but talk shows may not be effective in motivating people to vote or addressing the most pressing issues. Political campaigns may need to explore other strategies to mobilize voters. Talk shows may not provide a representative reflection of people\'s concerns and may not contribute to solutions for the most pressing issues. Media organizations and talk show producers may need to reconsider the topics they cover and the perspectives they represent to ensure they address significant societal issues..


Abstract:This paper investigates cultural invasion through advertisements of international brands in Pakistan during the 2020 lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, assuming that the youth consumed more media and more advertisements during the period. The researchers pinned the research to the cultivation theory though they also surveyed theories on the agency of the consumer. They reviewed literature on cultural imperialism from across the world and Pakistan\'s cultural policy. They examined multiple brand advertisements by multinational companies such as Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, Unilever, Samsung, Jazz, foodpanda and Uber. They also used a survey questionnaire to collect data from 841 university students on eight variables: dressing styles, foods, social values, festivals, gender liberation, purchase power, consumer conduct and the responsibility of the authority and media institutions. The studies showed that the advertisements liberate the viewers from their local culture, social norms, traditions and values by emphasizing on western looks, dresses, foods, values and events. The quantitative method, variance, correlation and factor analysis tests conducted between demographic and non-demographic variables determined validity and reliability of the scales and the studies...

Title: In-Service EFL Teachers’ Perceptions Towards the Application of Critical Pedagogy Principles in Palestinian Public Schools

Abstract:This paper aimed to explore in-service English language teachers� perceptions towards the classroom applications of critical pedagogy (CP) principles in Palestine. It also focused on the possible relationships between categorical variables such as gender, years of experience, major, classes taught per week, educational degree and teachers� perceptions of using a mixed-methods approach. Ninety-six teachers participated in this study, 64 females and 32 males. Both quantitative and qualitative results indicated that the participants had positive perceptions towards the application of CP principles in the FL classroom. Particularly, qualitative results revealed teachers� lack of awareness of CP and lack of emphasis on the importance of integrating CP principles in the English curricula taught at public schools, shedding light on the difficulty of applying these principles because of the subtleties of the situation in Palestine. The overall results suggested that CP principles can and should be applied to public schools in the Palestinian context.

Title: Prediction in Second Language Processing and Learning, by Edith Kaan and Theres Gr�ter, Amsterdam, John Benjamins, 2021, xiii + 234 pp., $143 (hardcover), ISBN 9789027209702

Abstract:It has been documented that language users’ listening and reading comprehension relies heavily on the process of prediction (Virtue et al., 2006). However, the specific features and purposes of individual prediction, as well as its relationship to language processing and learning, remain unclear. Prediction in Second Language Processing and Learning provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of research on prediction in second language (L2) processing and learning, and offers insights into future directions in this field. The book is organized into ten chapters, which explore individual differences in predictive processing within and across L2 learners.

Title: Some identities of degenerate type 2 Bernoulli polynomials arising from umbral calculus

Abstract:The umbral calculus, constructed a completely rigorous mathematical foundations for the theory by G. C.\nRota in the 1970s, is one of the important tools that can be used to study the properties of special functions. And, the Stirling numbers of the first kind and the second kind, respectively, are very important numbers in combinatorics, and their\nproperties and generalization are being actively studied by many researchers. In this paper, we derive some interesting\nidentities that found the relationships between degenerate type 2 Bernoulli polynomials and those special functions by using umbral calculus and λ-analogue of the Stirling numbers of the first and the second kind, respectively. We present explicit formulas for representations of the degenerate degenerate type 2 Bernoulli polynomials. Moreover, we investigate the pattern of the root distribution of these polynomials.


Abstract:The study investigated ICT facilities and students’ academic performance among undergraduate students of environmental education department, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Two research questions were posed to guide the study. The area of study is the University of Calabar, Calabar. The research design used for the study was descriptive survey. The population of the study was 520 students of the Department of Environmental Education, from where 260 undergraduate students were selected to form the sample. The sample for the study was selected through simple random sampling technique. The instrument used for data collection was a standard questionnaire titled, ICT facilities availability and impact on students’ academic performance (IFAISAP). The data was analysed using simple percentage. The finding of the study revealed among others that the use of ICT facilities like smartphones, internet, WhatsApp study group has positive impact on the academic performance of the environmental education students.


Abstract:This study was carried out to analyze the contents of environmental sensibilities of SS1-3 tourism textbooks in secondary schools in Cross River State, Nigeria. For the purpose of this study to be achieved, five research questions were posed to assess the environmental sensibilities in the sampled tourism textbooks. Review of related literature was carried out. The descriptive survey research design was considered most suitable for the study. Purposive sampling technique was adopted in selecting the five (5) tourism textbooks used for the study. A rating scale was the instrument used for collection of data. Frequency counts and simple percentages were considered most appropriate for data analysis. The findings obtained from analysis revealed that the contents of environmental sensibilities in tourism textbooks is not varied enough to create environmental awareness in the students that can bring about change in their behavior.


Abstract:The aim of this article is to report the development, validity and reliability of Teacher Workplace Learning Scale (TWLS). The sample of the study consists of 400-trained teachers who are chosen using multistage cluster sampling technique from 40 secondary schools in Malaysia. The Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) has been carried out by using data from 200 teachers from twenty secondary schools. The content validity, criterion validity and construct validity analyses have been carried out by using this set of data. The findings of EFA through varimax method has formed three factors, consisted of 21 items of TWLS with factor loadings range from .54 - .84. The reliability Cronbach Alpha coefficient for the overall item is .85, meanwhile for each factors developed ranged from .66 to .91. For the second phase of the study, the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) has been carried out toward data of 400 teachers from 40 secondary schools in Malaysia. The purpose of this analysis is to support the factor structure developed from the first phase of the study. The Cronbach Alpha of the 20 items is .84, meanwhile for each factor developed ranged from .76 to .88. As the conclusion, the result of Confirmatory Factor Analysis has supported the three factors developed from the first phase of the study. As the conclusion, these analyses have generated a new pool of TWL item to measure the construct of Teacher Workplace Learning Scale in Malaysian educational context. However, the findings are valuable for the ministry of education, researchers, teachers, and teacher educators\' references, which are interested in exploring teacher workplace learning self-assessment.

Title: Area Studies as a Discipline in Higher Education in China

Abstract:As an emerging interdisciplinary degree, Area Studies has gradually become a hot spot in recent social science research and has achieved remarkable development in higher education in the Mainland of China. This study is based on a bibliometric analysis of journal articles from the CNKI database and analyzes the development trends and current themes of Area Studies from 2008-2022 in the Mainland of China. The study finds that there are overlapped concepts of Area Studies as a new discipline, and the current themes of Area studies focus on the theoretical construction of Area Studies as a discipline that is highly driven by top-down national educational governance. The author claims that there is a need to further clarify the core concept and scope of this discipline and higher education institutions need to continuously implement and optimize various national-level educational policies for the construction of foreign area studies. Curriculum development and design are critical for the cultivation of specialists in Area Studies and Area studies communities should take a more proactive approach to pursue an integrative curriculum that combines humanities and social science to improve the overall quality of scientific research and teaching of Area studies both in undergraduate and postgraduate education. As an interdisciplinary degree under the background of new liberal arts, Area Studies in the Mainland of China fully echoes the profound changes in higher education reform that emphasizes cross-disciplinary education, new liberal arts, and compound talent, which constructs the national talent strategy.