Title: Factors to measure the academic performance in private higher education institutions

Abstract:The latent variables embedded within the model to measure the academic performance of private higher education institutions are identified in this article. For the quantitative research design, 247 questionnaires, using a five-point Likert scale, were analysed after completion by private higher education supervisors and managers. The data has high reliability with a Cronbach alpha coefficient of 0.989 and excellent sample adequacy with a KMO value of 0.946. The analysis identified ten latent variables (or factors), using exploratory factor analysis explaining a cumulative variance of 73.70%. These are Motivation, workload and student participation, Parent income level, attitudes and expectations, Institutional commitment and self-efficacy, Active learning and infrastructure, Class size, Help-seeking and attendance, Selectivity, expenditure and retention, Economic factors, Student maturity and success, and Self-concept. The study also succeeded to simplify measuring performance by eliminating 17 questions with low factor loadings (<0.40) or those that are cross-loading highly onto more than one factor from the questionnaire while retaining a satisfactory level of reliability. The results are valuable to private higher education managers and to the employees wanting to measure and improve academic performance at private higher education institutions. Researchers and academia could also benefit from the contribution of the study to either build on the academic performance of private institutions or to adopt the methodology employed in this study for another application setting.

Title: Bessel type transform in the space Lp,a,b(R+) and its estimates

Abstract:In this paper our main aim is to obtain the estimates for the Bessel type transform in Lp,a,b(R+) as applied to some classes of functions characterized by a generalized modulus of continuity.

Title: Bertrand Curves with the Modi?ed Orthogonal Frame in Minkowski 3-space E 3 1 .

Abstract:In this study, Bertrand curve concept has been defined according to\nthe modified orthogonal frame at non-zero points of curvature and torsion in the\nMinkowski 3-space. Later, the characteristic theorems related to distance between\nthe corresponding points of these curves have been given. Besides, the modified\nframe for the Bertrand mate is introduced . In addition, the condition for the\ncurve to be Bertrand curve is given. Further, the curvature and the torsion for the\nBertrand mate are introduced in terms of the curvature and the torsion for the\nBertrand curve in Minkowski 3-space. Finally, some examples are introduced.

Title: Current and Emerging Medical Education Teaching Methods � Keeping up with the Evolving Medical Sciences

Abstract:Medical education is constantly changing, influenced by a variety of factors such as altered societal expectations, changing responsibilities of physicians, evolving healthcare environment, and rapidly changing medical science. The evolution carries with it diverse pedagogical structures and techniques with the primary essence of assisting students to gain, retain and utilize knowledge, develop the ability to criticize, synthesize and analyze issues while developing patterns and perspectives. While it is generally agreed that all students should be driven towards achieving high academic standards and acquire the most crucial knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the future, the point of contention has been, the best way to achieve this purpose. The quest to keep up with the evolving medical sciences and maximize learning outcomes, coupled with advances in technology has resulted in the introduction of different teaching methods with unique characteristics and advantages. Each of the teaching methods possesses unique characteristics to influence learning outcomes. Attempts to establish the superiority of any teaching method have only looked at immediate knowledge acquisition alongside student engagement and satisfaction, without emphasis on the ability of the method to create better physicians or health professionals in the long term. This paper reviews the current and emerging teaching methods in medical education, considering their history, style, and core focus. Comparative analysis between the methods, particularly with the conventional lecture-based teaching approach is also explored to show their influence on learning outcomes. We finally discuss the integration of the methods and highlighted the added advantage in medical education.

Title: VC-EN monitoring model analysis based on fairness preferences

Abstract:During the operation of risky projects, under the supervision of Venture Capitalists (VC), the speculative behavior of Venture Entrepreneurs (EN) includes complete speculation behavior, no speculation behavior at all and partial speculation behavior. Constructing a principal-agent model based on different speculative behaviors of EN. On this basis, EN\'s fairness preference is implanted into the monitoring model, and a comparative analysis of the two situations of whether EN has fair preference is carried out. Conclusions: (1) A supermodel game is formed between VC and EN, which means that the optimal equilibrium value of the incentive coefficient and the monitoring intensity changes with related parameters;(2) The comprehensive monitoring intensity is negatively related to the incentive coefficient. From the perspective of VC, monitoring mechanism and incentive contract are alternative. From the perspective of EN, the monitoring mechanism and the incentive contract are complementary;(3) The optimal comprehensive monitoring intensity is positively correlated with the fairness preference coefficient. EN has a preference for jealousy and fair-ness. The stronger the jealousy is, the more likely it is to produce speculative behavior. VC needs to strengthen monitoring to reduce speculative behavior.

Title: 14-3-3? expression in colorectal cancer is associated with increased tumor angiogenesis

Abstract:Background and study aim: 14-3-3? protein involved into multiple cellular processes. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of 14-3-3? protein in colorectal cancer (CRC) and its relationship with tumor angiogenesis. We also used CRC cell lines HCT116 and DLD1 to assess the biological function of 14-3-3?.Material and methods: In this study, 72 colorectal cancer specimens were investigated by immunohistochemical staining for CD105 and 14-3-3?. 14-3-3? was enforced expressed in CRC cell lines, and the effect of 14-3-3? on the expression of p-mTOR and p-GSK-3� was assessed by western blot.Results: The overexpression of 14-3-3? was found in 60 (83.3 %) colorectal cancer tissue samples. 14-3-3? expression in CRC was significantly associated with tumor differentiation (p= 0.001), pT stage (p= 0.001), and advanced pTNM stage (p= 0.002). CD105 overexpression were detected in 51 (70.8 %) CRC specimens. CD105 expression in CRC was significantly associated with tumor differentiation (p= 0.039), pT stage (p= 0.001), advanced pTNM stage (p= 0.000) and nodal status (p= 0.002). In addition, the overexpression of 14-3-3? was positively correlated with the expression of p-GSK-3� and p-mTOR in DLD1 and HCT116 cells.Conclusions: Our study suggested that 14-3-3? overexpression accompanied with angiogenesis, and associated with colorectal carcinoma progression, and the mechanism was probable associated with p-GSK-3� and p-mTOR signal pathway. Thus, targeting 14-3-3? and angiogenesis might be a new therapeutic strategy in colorectal carcinoma.

Title: Perceived Benefit, Perceived Risk, and Technological Factors Impact on Collaborative Consumption

Abstract:In recent years, the trend for collaborative consumption has been developing in Indonesia. Collaborative consumption perceived as creating opportunities for entrepreneurs along with consumers by sharing goods, services, and information between individuals. The purpose of this study is to investigate factors that influence collaborative consumption by investigating perceived benefit, perceived risk, and technological factor as the antecedents to intention to participate in collaborative consumption. Questionnaires were distributed to 168 respondents consist of online transportation users of GoJek and Grab in the cities of Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Depok. Data collected were analyzed using structural equation modelling through outer and inner method. The results indicated that all antecedents proven to have significant influence to the intention to participate in collaborative consumption, with technological factor being the greatest influence. The practical implications for Asian business from this study shows that collaborative companies, must take account user’s enjoyment through payment efficiency and security in the privacy of data.

Title: A New Visualization of Fundamental Mechanical Elements and Concepts According to Differential Geometry

Abstract:Mathematics fields are combined with each other to describe phenomena and give us new visualizations about how the universe around us behaves and looks. In this study, we combine classical mechanics and differential geometry fields by describing\nsome fundamental mechanical elements and concepts according to differential geometry tools. The elements that we give their new visualizations are the absement (absition), position, velocity, acceleration, jerk, and snap (jounce) vector fields. Furthermore, the concepts of momentum, force, and yank are considered. The electron moves along the path of a right-handed helix on a cylinder under a constant magnetic field is given as\nan application of our new visualizations.

Title: Development and Validation of a Creative School Environment Test for University Students

Abstract:This study develops and validates a creative school environment test (CSET) for university students. After deducting the domain and components through a literature review, the content validity was confirmed by experts, and 20 question items in two domains were developed as a preliminary test. The participants of this study were 626 university students. The data were statistically processed using SPSS WIN 25.0 and AMOS WIN 25.0 programs to verify the reliability and validity of the test. The appropriateness of the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin sample was confirmed, and Bartlett’s sphere formation test was performed. Exploratory factor analysis was performed using the main axis decomposition method and oblimin rotation, confirmatory factor analysis, the maximum likelihood method, and fitness indexes such as CFI, IFI, TLI, and RMSEA were used. The final decision regarding the creative school environment test for university school students was categorized into two domains, with a total of 18 questions, and the reliability of each area was Cronbach .871–.905, while the total reliability was .923. Therefore, the test developed in this study has the validity and reliability of measurement items for each area, and it can be used to measure the creative school environment for university school students.


Abstract:Agricultural financing is a major concern to farmers, intermediaries and agricultural marketers. Constant decline in funding agriculture by government and private entities are perceived to adversely affected nation’s economic growth and infrastructural developments. Many researches had been conducted on economic growth but not many considered the effect of agricultural finance in their study. This study considered the probably influence of agricultural finance on economic growth in Nigeria. The research adopted the ex post facto research design and used secondary data for a period of thirty years (1988-2017). The study adopts descriptive and inferential statistics to analyse the data at 5% level of significance. Multiple regression analysis method was used to determine the relationship between agricultural financing and economic growth as the aggregate model. The study revealed that agriculture financing positively influenced economic growth in Nigeria (Adj R2 =0.941450, F (3, 30) = 156.4357; P= 0.00). There was evidenced that loan to individuals has significant relationships with economic growth in Nigeria while loan to companies and to cooperatives do not have significant relationship with economic growth. The study therefore concluded that agricultural financing has a positive significant influence on economic growth in Nigeria and recommends amongst others that the government should put in place more policies which will make loans and financing for agriculture enhancement available to the general public in order to stimulate economic growth. \nWord count: 225