Title: Phenotypic study of antibiotic resistance and genotypic evaluation of virulence factors amongst the Acinetobacter baumannii strains isolated from different types of retail meat

Abstract:Retail meat may act as a reservoir for antibiotic resistant and virulent Acinetobacter baumannii strains. The \ncurrent research was done to study the prevalence of antibiotic resistance and distribution of virulence \nfactors amongst the A. baumannii strains isolated from retail meat samples. A total of 26 A. baumannii\nisolates were approved using the culture and biochemical tests. Susceptibility of A. baumannii isolates was \ntested using the disk diffusion method. DNA was extracted from the bacterial colonies and then subjected to \nPCR amplification of virulence factors. A. baumannii strains harbored the highest prevalence of resistance \nagainst ampicillin (73.07%), amikacin (73.07%), penicillin (53.84%) and norfloxacin (38.46%). The most \ncommonly detected virulence factors amongst the A. baumannii isolates were fimH (88.46%), sfa/focDE\n(69.23%), cnf1 (57.69%), csgA (57.69%), cvaC (57.69%) and iutA (53.84%). Findings exhibited that all bovine, \novine, caprine and camel meat samples can be reservoir of the virulent and antibiotic resistant A. baumannii\nstrains. Simultaneous presence of some virulence factors together was found in some A. baumannii strains \nwhich showed their high pathogenicity. Retail ruminant meat may be reservoirs of virulent and resistant A. \nbaumannii strains. Further researches are required to found other epidemiological aspects of A. baumannii\nin meat.

Title: Resistance training on postural balance, physical fitness, and fibromyalgia impact: pilot study of online intervention

Abstract:Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease with diverse physical and psychological symptoms and impairments. The present pilot study aims to evaluate the implementation of a previously protocoled online resistance training program in postural balance, physical fitness, and fibromyalgia impact, as well as adaptations and strategies necessary for a better follow-up of the participant during the program. Three participants with an average age of 53.67 (SD=5.51) years and medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia performed eight weeks of online resistance training exercises (2/week). Physical fitness and postural balance (force platform), fibromyalgia impact (FIQ), and symptoms (VAS) were evaluated before the exercises and after 16 sessions. The variation from pre to post-training intervention was determined by calculating the percentage of change in each variable. All participants showed gains in countermovement jump (11 to 46%), and a reduction in pain intensity (10 to 19%). Two out of three participants showed improvement in the countermovement jump with free arms (4 and 28%), medicine ball throw (2 and 42%), mood state (20 to 32%), also a reduction in FIQ (4 and 27%), center of pressure (COP) velocity with eyes open (10 and 7%), COP displacement with eyes open (6 and 9%), anxiety (15 to 84%) and fatigue (10 to 41%),. Only one participant has shown improvements in sleep quality (6%). Benefits on balance with eyes closed was not found. The online resistance training program protocol showed promising results in this pilot study, with potential gains in neuromuscular performance and balance, and reducing the negative symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Adaptations were necessary throughout the program for better applicability.

Title: Pulmonary or not the question is now? Pulmonary manifestation of non-pulmonary diseases

Abstract:We presents four patients with respiratory symptoms and radiological finding but without pulmonary diagnosis at the end. The first case is mitral chordae rupture, which is understood as a COPD exacerbation due to the dyspnea and fatigue. Considering normal auscultation finding, not smoker, the overall finding did not indicate COPD. Urgent heart ultrasound gave right diagnosis. The second was admitted as bilateral pneumonia. CT scan showed that it was a large intestinal hernia. The third case was presented as pleural effusion after the onset of acute chest pain. Profile radiography and CT scan diagnosed aortic aneurysm dissection and the patient underwent emergency surgery. The fourth patient underwent chest X-ray as part of the preoperative preparation of gallbladder calculosis, where a nodular tumor shadow was seen. CT scan showed that was a pericardial cyst. Imaging findings must be correlated with clinical manifestations. This paper presents some of the faces of non-pulmonary diseases with respiratory manifestations that can lead us a misdiagnosis and sometimes lethal outcome. A multidisciplinary approach, more diagnostic procedures with an adequate history of illness will give us the right diagnosis. In this way, the patient will receive appropriate treatment


Abstract:Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive disease parenchyma destruction. Smoking is a major risk factor for this disease with frequent comorbidities. Osteoporosis is a common comorbidity in patients with COPD. Osteoporosis is characterized by lower bone density and changes in bone microarchitecture, leading to increased sensitivity and bone fractures occur. Fractures cause pain, further worsen already damaged pulmonary ventilation, reduced mobility and disability, and increased risk of thromboembolic disease, and even death. Osteoporosis in patients with COPD is probably evolving as the basis for both diseases there is systemic inflammation, but also because of the influence of inhaled tobacco smoke, reduced mobility of patients, vitamin D deficiency, lower body weight and older age. The use of systemic corticosteroids in the treatment of exacerbations of COPD increases the risk of developing osteoporosis. In addition, exacerbation of the intensification of inflammation, hypoxia and oxidative stress, as well as the imbalance between protease and anti-protease may contribute to increased bone resorption in patients with COPD. Osteoporosis can lead to kyphosis, which limits physical activity, leads to dyspnea, exacerbations and inadequate ventilation, which leads to a decrease in pulmonary function parameters. Osteoporosis can cause fractures that further limit movement, increasing the risk of thromboembolism and death. All of that have large impact on the quality of life COPD patients. Early prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis are very important for patients with COPD. It is necessary significantly increase awareness of the connection between these two diseases.

Title: The negative ?-binomial random variable and Poisson random variable with parameter related to the degenerate special polynomials

Abstract:This research delves into the theory and practical applications of degenerate binomial and degenerate\nPoisson random variables. We investigate their utility in modeling scenarios characterized\nby dynamic shifts in success probabilities across trials or time. Through rigorous theoretical analyses\nand illustrative examples, we illuminate the nuanced probabilistic aspects of success and failure, especially in contexts where traditional models prove inadequate. Our work enriches the\nunderstanding of evolving success dynamics and presents a valuable modeling tool for addressing\ncomplexity in real-world phenomena.


Abstract:On one hand with AI advances and media becoming increasingly digitalized, there is the hope of getting a more peaceful world as well as futuristic features that will advance social order, justice, and civilization. Yet, the media does not genuinely advance societies since it distorts them and manipulates all types of information, leading to a loss of confidence practically all around the world, and leading humanity to social alienation. Media narratives and applications take us back to ideas that have been forgotten in the depth of history and show us how they are used in a variety of visual mediums, from TV show scripts to blockbuster films. As a result, we miss the opportunity to be truly, cognitively, emotionally, artistically, creatively, aesthetically, and intellectually human. Technically speaking, the type of common law used between the 12th - 19th century among the nations and civilizations where German culture predominates, the phrase"Pandectic law" is used to characterize the structure that Roman law developed through doctrine and practice. People in India, the Middle East, Rome, and nearly all of Europe once used such types of judgments. With the adoption of new legal and ethical criteria, national and international laws were modernized, and Pandect law was forgotten. However, it is still possible to see the traces and application of Pandect Law in many modern time narratives, especially Snowpiercer, which is one of the important films showing the dystopic future of humanity. This study aims to provide the links to see how modern media is taking its core power from myths and earlier times and connecting them to the predicted future of humanity even in the age of digitalization and AI. Specifically, the paper aims to exemplify the links between the Pandect Law of the 12th century and famous television serials or blockbuster films such as Snowpiercer. Based on a descriptive approach, this study aims to analyze the images, TV series, and movies using both structural and semiotic analysis methodology.

Title: Multidimensional prioritization for project management by using FAHP and FTOPSIS: A hybrid approach

Abstract:Construction sector is always tough for successful completion of projects w.r.t. time, cost, quality and safety. Proper importance should be given to each of these parameters by project stakeholders. Without considering these parameters for planning in construction projects it is impossible to complete the project in a successful manner. Neglecting any of these parameters lead projects toward schedule delays and cost over-runs, poor quality, accidents and injuries. Hence there is crucial need to consider multi-parameters in planning for successful project management. Questionnaire survey was conducted by using key stakeholders as criteria i.e. client, consultant, contractor and user. Data was analyzed by using a novel approach designed by integrating two MCDM techniques i.e. Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) and Fuzzy technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (FTOPSIS). FAHP used to find criteria weightages, then prioritization done by using FTOPSIS on the basis of criteria weightages. Results indicated highest preference for quality with a closeness coefficient value 0.7507. Safety ranked on second with closeness coefficient of 0.746 and then time and cost with closeness coefficients 0.2414 and 0.1764 respectively. This research indicated safety consideration in planning as important as time, cost and quality for successful construction project management.


Abstract:Este estudo, um diálogo com uma pesquisa de doutoramento, junto ao Programa de Pós-graduação Em Educação Escolar, traz para discussão possíveis entrelaçamentos entre a Literatura e a História. Objetiva-se compreender de que forma estes campos desvelam o colonizar das terras da Amazônia ocidental brasileira, especificamente o município de Ariquemes, situado no Vale do Jamari, estado de Rondônia. Numa abordagem qualitativa, optou-se por uma operação historiográfica como investigação metodológica, já que permite o entrecruzar das diversas fontes como experiências e saberes dos sujeitos sociais. Os resultados do estudo mostraram que as fontes literárias complementam as fontes históricas se complementam, já que ao apresentarem as perspectivas dos atores envolvidos por meio de gêneros textuais diversos, podemos entender o processo colonizador para além dos documentos, como ele foi vivido e sentido pelos sujeitos.

Title: Examining the Impact of Continuous Dance on Emotions and Factors Influencing Dance Self-Efficacy

Abstract:Introduction: The COVID-19 outbreak since 2019 seriously affected both physical and mental health, making relief for long-term negative emotions a top priority. While dance behavior in physical education is known to alleviate negative emotions, few researchers explored its effect after sudden crises like COVID-19 and antecedents of sustained dance behavior, i.e., factors influencing dance self-efficacy under such specific conditions. This study conducts empirical research by distributing 307 questionnaires to dance school students from two universities in China and South Korea, aiming to address gaps in related fields and offer guidance to future researchers and practitioners.\n\nMethods: In this study, structural equation modeling was carried out using a questionnaire. Empirical data were collected separately from two universities in China and Korea to examine the relationship between the constructs. Theoretical framework construction utilized the stimulus-organism-response framework and social cognitive theory for an in-depth exploration of the psychological factors affecting dance self-efficacy and whether continuous dance behavior can alleviate negative emotions after a crisis.\n\nResults: The findings reveal that dance self-efficacy emerges as a crucial factor in sustaining individuals\' ongoing dance intentions, with dance activities positively impacting mood improvement. Both mastery experience and vicarious experience significantly influence dance self-efficacy, albeit with differing effects. Mastery experience positively enhances dance self-efficacy, while vicarious experience has a negative impact. Augmented feedback also affects dance self-efficacy, though to a lesser extent compared to the former two factors. In contrast, physiological and affective states differ from those in other disciplines as common sources for evaluating dance self-efficacy. Moreover, environmental factors influence dance self-efficacy in the aftermath of a crisis or external stimulus. \n\nDiscussion: This study extends the stimulus-organism-response framework and social cognitive theory to the context of physical education. It aims to reveal the antecedents of dance self-efficacy behavior in physical education activities and explore whether persistent dance activities after a sudden crisis have a soothing effect on emotions. The research results enrich the relevant literature on dance education and provide theoretical support and management inspiration for those engaged in physical education activities.

Title: Search for Democracy: Sudan\'s Economy Pays an Exorbitant Bill

Abstract:The study aims to spell out the impact of political instability on Sudan\'s economy during the period (1989 to July 2023). The results found that the political instability harmed the performance of the Sudan economy, due to the high military spending bill, and the low spending on social and economic development. Since no government (civilian or military from 1956-July 2023) successfully addressed the economic, political, and tribal disparities between the different regions of Sudan, the scope of armed conflict expanded to reach the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, on April 15, 2023, and moved to the Darfur region. The study recommends that politicians and policymakers the importance of strengthening political stability indicators through the equity distribution of power, wealth, and public resources to achieve balanced economic and social development in Sudan.