Abstract:Este estudo, um diálogo com uma pesquisa de doutoramento, junto ao Programa de Pós-graduação Em Educação Escolar, traz para discussão possíveis entrelaçamentos entre a Literatura e a História. Objetiva-se compreender de que forma estes campos desvelam o colonizar das terras da Amazônia ocidental brasileira, especificamente o município de Ariquemes, situado no Vale do Jamari, estado de Rondônia. Numa abordagem qualitativa, optou-se por uma operação historiográfica como investigação metodológica, já que permite o entrecruzar das diversas fontes como experiências e saberes dos sujeitos sociais. Os resultados do estudo mostraram que as fontes literárias complementam as fontes históricas se complementam, já que ao apresentarem as perspectivas dos atores envolvidos por meio de gêneros textuais diversos, podemos entender o processo colonizador para além dos documentos, como ele foi vivido e sentido pelos sujeitos.

Title: Examining the Impact of Continuous Dance on Emotions and Factors Influencing Dance Self-Efficacy

Abstract:Introduction: The COVID-19 outbreak since 2019 seriously affected both physical and mental health, making relief for long-term negative emotions a top priority. While dance behavior in physical education is known to alleviate negative emotions, few researchers explored its effect after sudden crises like COVID-19 and antecedents of sustained dance behavior, i.e., factors influencing dance self-efficacy under such specific conditions. This study conducts empirical research by distributing 307 questionnaires to dance school students from two universities in China and South Korea, aiming to address gaps in related fields and offer guidance to future researchers and practitioners.\n\nMethods: In this study, structural equation modeling was carried out using a questionnaire. Empirical data were collected separately from two universities in China and Korea to examine the relationship between the constructs. Theoretical framework construction utilized the stimulus-organism-response framework and social cognitive theory for an in-depth exploration of the psychological factors affecting dance self-efficacy and whether continuous dance behavior can alleviate negative emotions after a crisis.\n\nResults: The findings reveal that dance self-efficacy emerges as a crucial factor in sustaining individuals\' ongoing dance intentions, with dance activities positively impacting mood improvement. Both mastery experience and vicarious experience significantly influence dance self-efficacy, albeit with differing effects. Mastery experience positively enhances dance self-efficacy, while vicarious experience has a negative impact. Augmented feedback also affects dance self-efficacy, though to a lesser extent compared to the former two factors. In contrast, physiological and affective states differ from those in other disciplines as common sources for evaluating dance self-efficacy. Moreover, environmental factors influence dance self-efficacy in the aftermath of a crisis or external stimulus. \n\nDiscussion: This study extends the stimulus-organism-response framework and social cognitive theory to the context of physical education. It aims to reveal the antecedents of dance self-efficacy behavior in physical education activities and explore whether persistent dance activities after a sudden crisis have a soothing effect on emotions. The research results enrich the relevant literature on dance education and provide theoretical support and management inspiration for those engaged in physical education activities.

Title: Staphylococcus aureus isolated from raw cow milk: virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance profiles

Abstract:Contamination of dairy products with Staphylococcus aureus can be of animal or human origin. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence rate of S. aureus, to characterize virulence genes and antibiotic resistant genes of S.aureus strains and to determine the antibiotic susceptibility pattern of S. aureus isolated from raw cow milk. A total of 109 S. aureus were isolated from 232 row cow milk samples. All isolated strains were analyzed for the presence of virulence genes and antibiotic resistance genes using PCR. Coa virulence gene (90.82% of isolates) was predominantly detected and 88 isolates carrying meticillin resistant (mecA) gene. Tetracycline and penicillin were also highly resistant in 99 (90.82%) and 98 (89.90%) of isolates. The finding of S. aureus and containing coa virulence gene and mecA gene in row cow milk in Iran may indicate a problem for public health in this region. Therefore, appropriated hygienic measures should be taken by consumers to reduce the risk posed by S. aureus in row cow milk.


Abstract:Recently, Kim et al. studied the degenerate multi-Euler-Genocchi polynomials as degenerate\nversions of the multi-Euler-Genocchi polynomials and obtained some identities and properties\nof the those polynomials. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the multi-Bernoulli polynomials\nof the index (k1,k2, · · · ,kr), generalized degenerate multi-Bernoulli polynomials of the index\n(k1,k2, · · · ,kr) and investigate some identities and properties of them. Moreover, we investigate the\npattern of the root distribution of these polynomials.


Abstract:The traditional use of eye contact or mutual gaze has been replaced by a limitation on an initially artificial view and creating ways of building the relationship between health professional and patient. Privacy on the Internet is quite vulnerable in Brazil. The humanization of medical practice becomes an essential approach to ensure the patient\'s well-being and to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. For certain authors, this is one of the main characteristics of what they call the hypermodern or supermodern age. In health care, several initiatives related to humanization have emerged. The relationship between doctors and patients has evolved from a paternalistic model to a more interactive relationship. Several applications in medicine have occurred in the last years with the incorporation of equipment, techniques, and ways of learning. Technology allows health professionals to monitor and follow patients more effectively. Videoconferencing meetings are a way for physicians and patients to create or maintain a distance link, as well as other professional areas to engage in telehealth, medical education, and care management. Telehealth platforms have enabled consultation with specialists in diverse subspecialties and assessments that would require several hours of driving. This has allowed patients to access services and treatments they would not otherwise have had access to and helps us make quality care global. The adoption of telemedicine has increased rapidly over the past two decades and accelerated in the face of the need for healthcare assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Telemedicine is not only useful during global health crises. The superficiality so vaunted by those opposed to the evolution would be nothing more than a barrier that has been overcome with the increasing improvement of the technology in question. The health area has always been a precursor and exponent in the application of scientific and technological development. For this, rich experiences must be developed by the constant promotion and demonstration of the use of technology.


Abstract:Background: Exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals has been linked to ovarian pathologies. Exposure may start at any time of life from fetal stage to adulthood resulting in various health complications.Objectives: Compare concentration levels and association of benzopyrene, bisphenol A and genistein in ovarian tumor and control groups. Evaluate the predictive performance of benzopyrene, bisphenol A and genistein in patients.Methods: A case control study involving 30 ovarian tumor patients and 30 healthy controls participated in the study between January 2022 and December 2022. Urine was analyzed using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. Descriptive analysis for normally distributed continuous variables was done. Endocrine disrupting chemicals levels assessed using Mann-Whitney test. Association of endocrine disrupting chemicals with ovarian tumors analyzed by binary logistic regression. Diagnostic performance of endocrine disrupting chemicals was analyzed using the ROC curve.Results: Mean years (SD) was 36.7 (7.90) and 28.8 years (4.89) for patients and controls respectively. Endometriomas had high incidence at 50%. Benzopyrene and bisphenol A was higher in patients, genistein was higher in controls. Benzopyrene and bisphenol A were significantly associated with ovarian tumors, incidence of ovarian tumors was positively correlated to EDCs, OR value 64.79 (P=0.005) for benzopyrene and 9.609 (P=0.001) for bisphenol A. Genistein was significantly negatively correlated with ovarian tumors, OR value of 0.153 (P=0.007). Diagnostic performance AUC for benzopyrene, bisphenol A and genistein reached 0.765 (P=0.0004), 0.769 (P=0.0003) and 0.649 respectively.Conclusion: Benzopyrene and bisphenol A might be predictive biomarkers or risk factors for ovarian tumors. Genistein may have preventive effects.

Title: Management of the digital transformation of the medical physics learning: firsts Cuban experiences

Abstract:The eLearning teaching approach is a cost-effective alternative, however, in Cuban, medical physics learning programs it had not been implemented, until COVID-19 imposed the challenge of managing its introduction. This study showed the strategy to the knowledge management developed by the institution, to transform the face-to-face teaching-learning process to virtual, promoting the accelerated use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the Moodle platform by teachers and, in turn, gradually facilitating the familiarization of the students with them, in an integrating and innovative process. Seven completely virtual courses were planned and developed under this platform, four of them belong to undergraduate programs: Introduction to Medical Physics subjects, and the rest were postgraduate courses (Introduction to Radiology Physics, Introduction to Radiotherapy Physics and Digital Processing of Medical images). All of them, were subjected to comprehensive quality assessment, which included comprehensive student surveys. The students defeated the objectives and evidenced the knowledge acquired in the different evaluations, demonstrating their acquired skills and applied them successfully in each topic. The quality assessment system of teaching activities implemented, showed satisfactory results and pointed out some aspects to improve. The digitalization of education is a strength and an effective alternative, which demands innovative teaching-learning strategies, since it constitutes an opportunity for the future, for the management and the optimal use of resources.

Title: Inserci�n de estudiantes de enfermer�a en uno departamento de salud ocupacional universitario: relato de experiencia

Abstract:Introducción: el trabajo puede entenderse como una actividad social que influye en la vida de la población y que tiene un efecto positivo en la satisfacción de las necesidades básicas de los trabajadores, pero también puede causar enfermedad. El enfermero ocupacional debe considerar los factores socioculturales que impactan en la salud de la población trabajadora, estableciendo una estrategia de atención Objetivo: reportar la experiencia de estudiantes de enfermería en uno Departamento de Salud Ocupacional, de una universidad pública estatal brasileña. Desarrollo: relato de experiencia describiendo aspectos vividos por dos estudiantes de enfermería en un sector de seguimiento de la salud de los trabajadores de una universidad estatal, entre agosto de 2019 y febrero de 2020, en base a las actividades de recolección de datos desarrolladas en un proyecto de iniciación científica. Conclusión: la inserción en el servicio permitió el reconocimiento del desempeño e interacción con el equipo multiprofesional, en el desarrollo de procesos administrativos y acciones para promover la salud y prevenir enfermedades en el trabajo. Se reconoce el aporte a las reflexiones y discusiones en el proceso de enseñanza y aprendizaje, además del desarrollo del pensamiento crítico y el conocimiento involucrado en las habilidades del futuro enfermero.

Title: The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics, by Aline Godfroid and Holger Hopp, New York, Routledge, 2022, 480 pp., �152 (Hardback) ISBN: 978-0-367-89376-7

Abstract:The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics is a groundbreaking publication that delves into the intricate realm where linguistics, cognitive psychology, and applied linguistics converge. Designed for those with a keen interest in understanding the mental processes and architecture involved in acquiring additional languages, this comprehensive handbook offers an extensive survey of the latest research in the field.

Title: The Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Teaching the Archimedes Experiment

Abstract:This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of additive manufacturing-based teaching methods compared to traditional methods for teaching the Archimedes experiment in science education. Results showed that the additive manufacturing method was significantly more effective in enhancing students\' understanding of the Archimedes principle and their ability to apply it to real-world scenarios. The customizable and hands-on nature of 3D printing also led to higher levels of student engagement and enjoyment. \nHowever, limitations were identified in terms of the time, resources, and cost re-quired to set up the 3D printing experiment. Despite these limitations, our study suggests that additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize science education by providing students with a more engaging, hands-on, and customizable learning experience.